Kimetsu no Yaiba

What is your favorite chapter?

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179 is gonna hurt so good when it's animated


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198. Basically whenever Zenitsu and Inosuke do anything.

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Could you at least try to put more effort into making an OP next time? Or is that too much for the 10 brain cells in your head to handle?

Every chapter of the Koku fight, but it becomes pure Kino from the moment Genya/Mui get bisected until it ends

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We won, Kanaobros

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anti-love user...

this panel makes me so relieved and so happy at the same time, we made it brothers

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thanks for staying strong during the though time bros

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The Yoriichi flashback chapters.

I want to kiss her tummy

Considering how many siblings Tanjiro had, I expect him to make good use out of whatever time they have left.

Is she blind?

right eye is fucked while left eye looks less fuck.

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Fully blind in one eye, partially blind in the other


>that smile
she knows damn well Tanjiro would never say no to taking care of a blind girl, especially since that blind girl saved him from demonhood.

>Tanjiro saves Kanao from Muzan
>Kanao saves Tanjiro from Muzan
>both lose one eye
>both get chest scars

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Inosukes snout just plopped on Tanjiros head is so cute

since Shinobu is dead I guess Kanao is the second best option for Tanjiro.

best part of the chapter tbqh

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Katana Messiah would’ve been so chill to hang with.

this exceeds OSHA limits for autism concentration in a room

I want to hang out with Mui and all his (stray) cats

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What's the verdict on Nezuko?
Is she physically 14 now or still 12?

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Are we still gonna have a chapter this week or what?

What does Inosuke's boar head smell like?

wouldn't she be both physically and mentally 12 still? she remembers stuff that happened while she was a demon but that's different than actually experiencing and growing due to events that happened while fully conscious

Currently? Blood, sweat and tears

>Tanjiro has a little bit of the 'tism