Color wars

Color wars.

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Purple is always the strongest color, and GJ-bu was no exception.

Whoever has the biggest tits is best girl

No wars in GJbu. All girls are best girls

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It's a harem end.

Reminder that GJ-bu was just MC's delusion.

Pink is always best

Wrong. They're all destined to be together in all the parallel universes out there.

Pink was the best one but Purple is also good. I remember the LN implied Pink or Orange winning but it doesn't even matter anymore.

I want Shion to give me a cold blooded massage

Is this actually true for other shows as well? The girls are color coded? Has this been proven?

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From what I remember when the others graduated, Megu pretty much acted like a wife to Kyoro in their third year.

"the last who cums eats it"

brushy brushy brushy

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GJ-bu was great but its not the true color wars

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Is that milf Mori or young Mori?

A cat is fine too.

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To the user that said awful things about Seira in 2013, well what now? Today you're most likely dead now. Nigger.

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You know, i sometimes randomly remember posts years later, but can't remember what i ate for lunch yesterday most of the time.
I have been here too long haven't i?

I'm sure there's like 5% of 2003fags that still post here and I just wonder what's it like to be weathered down by the sands of time.

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Reminder that GJ-bu is fanfiction commissioned by Shion.

>It has been 10 years since Color Wars

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I agree.

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Just enter here to find out how it ended. So user please.

That may have been me? I'm sure I posted about Seira being a shit while the show was airing.

Reminder that you can choose literally any interpretation you want and it's still canon.