What the appeal of large foreheads?

what the appeal of large foreheads?

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Easier target

Code Lyoko vibes

perfect for smooching


Made for flicking

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You can cum all over them

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why is she speaking like a pirate

slapping them gives you a very defined "pah" sound

Large intellect


Forehead pregnancy.

Big brain not so tough since being cummed on

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billboard brow

Pic related

don't remind me

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Imagine if children were carried inside foreheads (and were conceived via an intense staring contest).

To kiss.

That show was kino

Was that live action sequel any good?

It’s a lolicon thing, unironically. A larger forehead compared to the rest of the face mimics the facial proportions of a young child.

>live action
I’ve never seen it, but I assume no

Code Lyoko goes beyond forehead and fivehead, it's actually sixhead


My only real complaint was the monster variety. They just reused the same ones over and over again. I was glad when they introduced that massive one toward the end though

Cute enough to kiss.

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It most definitely was not for a multitude of reasons.
Do not watch it, you would be doing yourself a disservice.

That's how Athena was born

Shame. I had such fond memories of watching this growing up. I downloaded and watched it a couple years ago, and wanted more Lyoko in my life. I only didn't watch the 3D stuff because I couldn't find a decent place to get it.

they weirdly play into that "cute" effect like big eyes and small small bodies.