How are you Yas Forums?

How are you Yas Forums?

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Too sober to spend time on Yas Forums sadly


Drink more?

Good because I don't read this garbage yuribait that betrayed it own idea

Is it that bad?

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Yes. It's horrible and degenerate

Looking at this post annoyed me for seemingly no reason so take that as you will and interpret how I am from that.

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Being a homosexual is wrong and immoral.

my favorite girl is yoshida but she's become so irrelevant ever since they pulled out the big guns to lust after her

Factually incorrect

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yuri is the purest form of live

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Why did it annoy you?
I like yoshida too.
Tired of asuka desu.

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What's it to ya faggot?

I’m conflicted
I’ve reduced my time here in Yas Forums because it’s just not fun anymore
You can’t do fun shitposts like larping as an idiot or making shitty oc greentexts and joke threads without your thread being deleted in 10 minutes
The moderation here sucks almost as much as /mlp/ does
I’ve found myself browsing Yas Forums more now
Sure, they hate anime and don’t talk about manga but at least the mods and jannies there aren’t asshurt nor is the userbase full of boring anons who gatekeep without having fun
If you can get past the Redditors and Sneedposters and Wojaks (which is pretty fucking easy if you filter them, and besides they stay self-contained in their threads more or less) it’s pretty lively and engaging with serious discussions on absolutely anything, while Yas Forums only talks about the same goddamn series every fucking day and let the lesser known series fall to the Archives

Fuck off retard
Kill yourself

>Why did it annoy you?
I dunno I'm probably just an asshole.

Thanks for the suggestion. It helped.

I feel like all my friends have moved on. I feel like a relic.
I've been here since 2011, and I always felt like it's only been a couple of years but it's been quite a few years.

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You see, this is the problem I’ve found with Yas Forums
I’m going to receive 6 or so replies of people saying “Fuck off kill yourself retard” just because I think Yas Forums is getting boring and there’s a lack of proper OC jokes and discussions (the only thing recent that comes to mind is the Yas Forums makes a manga one and even then I made one of those months ago already that drifted into shitposting, and then obscurity)
In Yas Forums, if I posted something like this I’m likely to get unironic replies as to what other anons think with maybe 2-3 wojakposters and sneedposters. Those who will gatekeep there, however, are likely to explain what’s wrong with it in detail and discussion ensues, people join in (I know, I’ve been to multiple threads where this happens). Hell, there’ll probably be some jokes about it or mockeries weaved into the gatekeeping
Gatekeeping here just isn’t fun nor efficient. It’s like some kid walks into a bar and everyone shouts at him instead of explaining why he shouldn’t be there or what he should do to belong

I am not Yas Forums.

i'm pretty sure you just don't like manga all that much. just stay in Yas Forums if you don't like Yas Forums, it's not rocket science.

Want to be friends?

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I’ve read hundreds of manga, user, all with differing levels of quality
Hell, I still read manga, though I haven’t found a good new ongoing manga for the past few months and mostly stick to old ongoing or completed series
Say what you will about me but you have to admit Yas Forums‘s gone downhill and it’s not because of shitposters. There’s a reason why most of the oldfags left. You’re right that I’ll probably migrate to Yas Forums soon, but you can’t pretend that Yas Forums is any better or that any form of quality discussions exist after the first thread of a new chapter is made. Waifufags, shipperfags, schizos, trolls, and dumbasses have filled this board. I hope you people get your head out of your asses and admit that Yas Forums has less quality than most boards now.
This’ll be my last post. Peace, man.

You never knew what it meant to post here sadly
Yas Forums is a relic of old /sp/ posting transformed by phoneposters in the worst way
shitposting died in 2015

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Based and yuri-pilled

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why not

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late night Yas Forums
first time?

unironically Kill yourself, how will you ever recover

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>larping as an idiot
>making shitty oc greentexts and joke threads
see pic related

>admit that Yas Forums has less quality than most boards now.
it's true that Yas Forums has a lot of shit right now but I wouldn't go so far and said that is more shitty than other boards,/g/ they have been dealing with shill threads for 4+ years, /wsg/ is getting spammed to oblivion with tiktok threads and precure spammer killed the anime threads, /sci/ anons are more stupid than Yas Forums, and in general most the boards including the mentioned above are corrupted by frogs and wojaks and other reddit tier memes

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