*skyrockets the manga quality upon appearance*

*skyrockets the manga quality upon appearance*

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Madara was awful.

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t. Tobirama

Any narrative that hypes the shit out of its bad guy is bound to boost sales.

Madara's plan/goals/motivations was just as stupid and edgy as Sasuke's

Itachi was the only sensible Uchiha character and I think the manga could have done better without so much emphasis on the Uchiha clan

>Madara's plan/goals/motivations was just as stupid and edgy as Sasuke's
There was literally nothing wrong with Sasuke’s plan. The ninja world sucks.


never understood madaras appeal
maybe its because naruto was at its lowest point in the 4th ninja war and how tired I was of eye bullshit but madara did absolutely nothing for me

Hashirama conversely was pretty based

Always love the "villain so cool you're looking forward to his scenes more than the protagonist".

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itachi's parts were the only good parts of the manga.

madara was wasted, he had really good characterization with the contrast between his love of combat and his plan for a peaceful utopia + a good rivalry. sadly it was wasted for obito and ten tails shit


madara's dynamics with hashirama was refreshing, waaay better than naruto/sasuke

I wouldn't say the only good parts,

but he was definitely the only good uchiha

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I don’t know whether this speaks more about the individual quality of those two, or about the shittiness of the series they appeared in.

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>has a goth gf sidekick
>has OP minions
>is a uzumaki chad
>jobs to a powerful yet skillful opponent

>sidekick is a incel
>minions are literally zombie made from someone else
>is an uchiha Cuck
>jobs to a black guy (while he is at his most POWERFUL form)

When will madara cucks learn?

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>Itachi was the only sensible Uchiha character


>Madara's plan/goals/motivations was just as stupid and edgy as Sasuke's
Well, they were kind of, but not exactly, the same person.

Another dynamich that I really liked was Guy and Kisame's

The latter probably since both of them are terrible villains and just characters in general

The former since they are great characters and even better villains

Dumb zoomer

Dumb boomer

>Putting based Aizen on the same level as Shitdara

His motivations were to end all conflict and suffering by forcing everyone into their own perfect dream world eternally.

You're a faggot. He was right.

>jobs to a black guy