Is Kishimoto based?

>Gives side character a cooler design than main protagonist

>makes him the weakest

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Kankuro is a cool guy

Why did Kishi try to sell us the idea that Kankuro became a better puppeteer than Sasori?

He was no where near his level

Its a well known fact that his weakest characters are the most kino looking

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She literally looks like my mom and I had a crush on her...

Sasori got his ass beat by an old woman

I also had a crush on your mom.

The resemblance is uncanny and is the sole reason i don't fap rule34 of her. shizune is my babe

people shit on Sasori for the meme but that was one of the coolest fights in all of Shippuden and 90% of it was due to him

Kankuro was strong as fuck during normal Naruto. He only jobs at the start of Shippuden

His design was garbage though, being a glorified ventriloquist isn’t “cool”

She had all the informations needed to counter him and had an antidote specially made to counter his poison. Sasori got killed way too early and I'll always be mad

>he doesnt want to fuck his own mom

The face paint, hat, clothes. Looks cooler than Naruto's Goku rip off suit

I can't be the only one who doesn't fap to 2d women that look like my family members. Pls

>literally jobs to Shino
huh wym?

>not masturbating to your mom

>agruably weaker than motherfucking Genma who went toe to toe with sand's "kakashi"
She really is a fodder jonin.

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Again, he got his ass beat by an old woman and Sakura..... Like

I love Kishimoto because he created Madara

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Everyone’s part 1 outfit was shit, that’s not really hard to do

Kankuro just looks cool and mysterious and Naruto looks like a fag

What the fuck is wrong with you

>literally never fought anyone except itachi, the 2nd or third strongest character in the series
Is that really a merit to judge her by?

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It's a fairly normal thing bro

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They both look like clowns

She used Genjutsu against an Uchiha

Shino was strong too. They were both equally hyped during the chunin exams. And he doesn't job, it was a draw

>What the fuck is wrong with you
I have asthma and poor eyesight.

nice one

Kankuro can easily fit as a protag, naruto just looks like a side character. Kishi definitely put more though on his design

Shino and a couple of other characters were set up as strongs and then fell by the wayside to make way for more uchicha jerking. It's kinda annoying how kishi spent a ton of time setting up the cast in the chounin exam and onward just to dump most of it with shitpuden.


Give kishi a brake, Naruto wasn't supposed to last that long.

He was indeed very strong during that time. Characters like Shino, Kankuro, Neji, etc were the most threatening. Shippuden then made everyone useless

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That was because the franchise got milked and kishi was clearly running out of ideas