Romin's brother confirmed to sing amazingly. How can other rivals even compete?

>Episode 5 : ルーク,男の闘い – Rūku, Otoko no Tatakai (Rook’s Manly Battle)

>Luke is furious as he reads the articles the school newspaper has written, insulting Yuga and Rush Duels. Putting his pride at stake for his friend, Luke confronts them ... "

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ZEXAL was a masterpiece and VRAINS was great. Now apologize.

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>mfw corona chink aids kills 7s and VRAINS is the greatest card game anime

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Does Sevens have fanservice like Zexal?

My wife Sachi is so cute.

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sevens really killed these threads huh

The plot isn't terribly interesting, the characters don't really have any depth or backstory to analyze or dissect, the duels aren't that great. It's just a lighthearted fun show that's fun to watch but doesn't leave much to discussion.

a six month interlude did that.

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We just finished the introductory episodes and have discussed everything to death. Unless you want to talk about Romin's evil brother and obvious connection to Goha's corporation again

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Man those were some fun threads.

We've already had 3 threads to discuss one single episode. Not much else to talk about

Continuous threads killed the threads
Also baiters and those falling for it

>5th thread since yesterday
Keep living in your make believe fantasies, retard.

Are subs out?

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Coming hopefully.

Pretty sure they're talking about the thread quality which has been very bad for a long time now.

These threads have been struggling to survive for the entirety of Vrains and just now we are going back to the 2 threads per day like in the ARC-V days.

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The difference is that ARC-V actually had good discussion and OC while every SEVENS thread so far is just people trying to bait each other and no discussion beyond wanting to fuck the characters.

I've been visiting this place every weekend and the only times the thread gets bad was when a vrains hater showed up baiting everyone.

It's literally every thread.

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>s-sevens really killed the threads

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God, I love her.

Yeah this show still isn't YGO. I'll give it one cour.

I miss piggu.

For what? Nips like it.

pendulum is a mistake
link is a mistake
duel link is a mistake
rush duel is a mistake

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To start feeling like Kaz style YGO. And I don't really care what nips think, my opinions never align with theirs so it's useless to look at their reactions.

YGO is a mistake

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new waifu

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Life is a mistake.

Most tortured fanbase on Yas Forums.