Is being able to run for long distances without getting tired really the greatest human strength?

Is being able to run for long distances without getting tired really the greatest human strength?

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Yes, but it's harmful to your body. Same with walking non-stop (e.g. a forced march).

ONLY if it is hot. Plenty of animals can run longer distances of the weather can keeo them cool enough.

Having a high brain to body mass ratio and opposable thumbs also helps.

stamina to the point of exhausting prey + the ability to develop tools


No it's our big fat dicks actually

Human feats:
1. Being able to recover stamina quicker than most animals due to being able to release heat via sweating
2. Throwing objects quickly and relatively far
3. Crafting complex tools more simple than simply picking up or sharpening a stick or a rock
4. Complex language system capable of conveying abstract ideas and non-real events, situations, or concepts
5. Having stupidly long gestation periods in the womb and comparatively violent development in the womb
6. The greatest examples of the human species being a gorgeous golden giant of a man with psychic powers and rock-hard chiseled abs and a little girl with a でかいけつ
7. Fat butts

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no,because only those who maintain the ability can utilize it.

The greatest human strength is cognitive ability.

It's "a" strength, but it wasn't human's greatest strength. A big advantage mammals had over other forms of life was better brains and our greatest strength was that even among mammals we had really good brains that gave us better memory and problem solving ability. Living in groups also played a key role into this as information could be taught to younger generations (And there are several other types of apes that do this as well). This let us use tools, which is a massive advantage for an animal to have over others.

Only Africans exhausted prey through running them to death. Real humans stalked and killed like genuine hunters.

stalking and tracking needs stamina most of the time. The exceptions being eyesight, smell, patience or just luck.

But African Homo Sapiens were the ones that chucked spears at shit until it died. The ones that wrestled bears and shit to death up close and personal were the Cro-magnons.

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>The ones that wrestled bears and shit to death up close and personal were the Neanderthals.

Our greatest strengths as a species are the strengths of all greater apes except dialed up to eleven.
>Big brains
>Tool use
>Living in groups
>Being sexual deviants and horny as fuck

That's what I meant. It's late and I'm tired.

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Humans actually have some of the smallest penis-to-body ratios in the animal kingdom

Or else found prey that something else killed and chased off the predator that killed it so we could steal it. Being able to quickly break down a carcass with tools and carry the best bits with us before other predators and scavengers showed up was also a big advantage.

But the largest of the apes

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We do have the biggest among apes though.

Yeah but what about the cunny-to-body ratio?

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Pretty good I think. Most animals (basically all but like 10) don't even enjoy sex and it's essentially just biological urges and rape so they don't die.

Are simians and cetaceans the only creatures to know the pleasure of coming inside?

Otters do iirc. Male otters will rape baby seals and the likes.

this. Wolves can run for far longer than humans can, but only in cold climates where the air naturally cools them

apes, dolphins, pigs, horses, dogs. That's all I know.

Ah so it's a mammalian thing

so what's was kaban's wild release?

Pretty much. It's human nature to want to fuck 24/7 though.

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Lmao if that was all they did humans would have gone extinct long ago. Humanity's greatest advantage was that even though we were physically weaker and slower than our environment, we could make fire to fend off predators, make tools to catch prey and build things, and coordinate with other humans to kill monsters.

Actually it is throwing things, think about how OP that is. Other animals wish they could throw shit, they have to actually risk injury to their bodies to fight

Nowhere did I say in that post that humans didn't do all the things you said

Human's greatest strength is having hands and brains so complex they can coordinate doing complex stuff such as drawing big titty anime girls

Humans that lived along rivers figured out pretty quickly that they could just put pikes in the river and trap fish. In more open plains, we used coordination to herd prey animals and kill them (such as running them off a cliff).

>humanfags circlejerking themselves itt

Name one other species that had such a huge impact on the environment that it had its own epoch named after it.

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>implying that's a good thing
delusional humanfags

Mammals shares most of our DNA. Apes are like 99% of our genetics. Rats are like 98%. Cats and dogs are something like 90%.

No, and it's not about getting tired you absolute faggot. It's about the niggers sweating when they chased nigger food.

If humans are so bad, how come almost every single anime has them for protagonists?

No. We won out over the other sentient species through our pack mentality, but it's adaptability that got us to where we are.
If a man is cold, he can make clothes to warm himself. If he is hot, he can discard them to cool off. If he must do anything, he can do it in a hundred different ways with a hundred different tools that work in a hundred different situations. Any predator he has to fight, or prey he must hunt, he can adopt the best strategy for dealing with them.
Regardless of our failings, there is no other animal as capable of flourishing as we are while still maintaining absolute dominance over every other competing species.

Humans made this thread, they made the site that hosts it, they made the internet that hosts that, they made the machine that you're using to post here, they made the language that you're posting with, and they made you

Other animals haven't done shit

>he literally, unironically watch anime with human protagonists

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>not watching anime where humanity shows all the other species how benevolent and smart and lovable a species they are

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