Can't wait to see them animated. Considering the new partnership deal between Pierrot and KLab I hope we get some animated character PVs rather than just stills.

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The final getsuga, Mugetsu, was Ichigo’s Quincy side using Quincy: Letzt Stil. This is why Ichigo lost his powers.

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Didn't white and mini Yuha told him that the merged sword of both of them will teach him the FGT though? That means the hollow powers were also used.

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>Oh shut up. No one can explain what her Bankai does because it's so ambiguous. You don't know either brainlet.

It makes perfect sense once you consider the name of her Bankai, the powers of her Shikai, and the given context of their battle once its released.

Getsuga Tenshou was the technique used by Isshin when he defeated the remnants of the hollow White inside of Masaki. Thats why both sides were needed to teach Ichigo Mugetsu.

Can't wait to pull for my wife Bambi and my bro askin

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I want Bambietta to bear my progeny.

Boobs too small

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>maximum comfy

I can't wait for human komamura to assrape bambi

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>Bambietta is pink
Weird. Always pictured her wings as just white.

>lore men
>Fucked the men, she lore.
>then killed them after she done with them
What's this about?

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Go be gay elsewhere

The broken chains were a nice touch here

It's "lure"...


nah i just prefer the other gals, bambi is a shit

spellcheck and speed-typing

What was even the point of those? Was it supposed to have chain powers before Kubo retconned them into nerves?

Pernida used the nerve powers before the chains were shown

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so how do you kill this dude

Imagine not enjoying Kubo taking his sweet revenge by having the icefaggot, Byakuya and Kenpachi job hard to Gerard.

>this is fanart
I'm honestly impressed
thought it was a kubo rough sketch at first

hit him with a sword


Hope they deliver on the flashback arc.

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