ITT: ways you would bully your waifu

>go on a date with Megumin
>offer her the kids menu and ask if she wants the tall chair
>drink her beer and offer her an apple juice

>Megumin wants to go cast explosions
>leave her hat and staff on a shelf she can't reach
>wait at the door and ask her to hurry up

>sneak into Megumin's room early in the morning
>put some soap on her eyepatch
>laugh at her when her eye stings

>use Steal on Megumin's panties in public
>use sleight of hand to swap panties in your pocket
>pull out an extremely slutty crotchless thong and ask if it's hers

>tie Megumin's front twintails together while she's napping
>glue them to her top lip to create a giant mustache
>get her to recite incantations in a grumpy old man voice

>pick up Megumin after she is drained of all mana
>princess carry instead of a piggy back
>embarass her by constantly commenting on how cute she is

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High quality autism

>>princess carry instead of a piggy back
Extremely based

Holy shit this needs to be stickied

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Does anyone on Yas Forums even have a waifu anymore?

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I love anime girl bullying threads

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No, (they) delete every waifu thread on Yas Forums to make this board more normalfag friendly

Only lewdbullying for me.

I do. Anime soon.

Has anyone ever gone all out and murder people in the name of their waifu? Asking for research.

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i got into a fist fight once

Ah, we meet again, the worst image in history

Me too

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I enjoy stuff like OP's post, i.e. lighthearted pranks you might actually pull on someone you're dating. Actual emotional abuse like this makes me sad.

I like to imagine this one as a POV being from a bitch, controlling okaa san who wants grandkids asap. She can still be saved

megumemes are fucking deluded. all of them.
every. single. one of them.

yes, its finally time for her to get whats coming fkr her, that chestlet

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But why would I want to bully my waifu?

Because it's fun and any solid relationship involves banter.

Id probably just antagonize Ryuko about her daddy issues. She would probably rip my throat out.

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>any solid relationship involves banter
In that case, I'd like to sneak up on Kaban and hug and startle her. I want to hear her squeak the cute way she does whenever she gets jumped.

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That's fair, as long as it doesn't reach the same level as some of the images posted I guess. I just associated bullying with things more on that level

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bully threads always go from "headpat her in a cutesy voice" to "rip her fingernails out with pliers"

I would laugh about her silly spiky hair after getting it replaced.

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Why have you done this?

Fingernail torture is as bad as teeth pulling or flaying, no thank you.

Force her to attend AA

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Will you kill yourself?

She's jumpy, so I'd try and sneak up and startle her.
The problem is that I'm also jumpy and there's no doubt she'd do the same.

Why does Yas Forums want to torture cute girls? Why do all bully threads instantly get out of hand?

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how to i cope the fact than there is porn of random people fucking my waifu?