How dare you use a small gadget on your arm to get a slight advantage during a tournament...

How dare you use a small gadget on your arm to get a slight advantage during a tournament? it's not like we're ninjas or anything and using tools has always been a part of our trade and there's no reason why this gadget in particular should be disqualified if we're throwing knives and bombs at each other and also my signature technique is literally a forbidden jutsu that I stole from a secret scroll that nobody was allowed to use it's a funny story actually I totally got away with it and became hokage but anyway even though I literally had the 9-tailed fox, the greatest of the tailed beasts and the most powerful of all the tailed beasts, which I used to beat up my classmates and get bailed out of every fight I ever had since I lost literally every fight I've ever had without my plot fox powers but this little gadget on your arm is clearly unfair so you're disqualified

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It still takes some amount of skill/willpower to utilize a tailed beast. Meanwhile
>Lol ninja tool go “you win”

Change "Ninjas" to "Mages" in this story and almost everything will make more sense.

Because Chakra control is important.

>Why yes I don’t see the problem with using a giant chakra monster sealed inside me, how can you tell?

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The bigger issue is that Naruto officially decided that they would have these devices banned for the current exam meanwhile his son decides to cheat with them to victory.

>Why yes I don’t see the problem with using *the most powerful of all the giant chakra monsters sealed inside me that happens to utterly dwarf all the other ones even at half-power*, how can you tell?

>trust me dude it takes skill to let a demon take over your body and fight all your fights for you and give you infinite chakra this tiny little gadget on your arm that lets you save a little bit of chakra isn't fair though, your shadow clones suck dick btw I can do way more and it has nothing to do with the fact that I have infinite chakra powers trust me I worked hard for it even though I'm the chosen one and the reincarnation of gods and shit but you need to learn how to be good on your own even though literally everybody is a jobber except for me and sasuke and we both have OP plot powers and there's literally nobody that's relevant in this show unless they have plot powers but I expect more from you son, you're better than this

How many fights did Naruto win off Kurama's Chakra? even if it wasnt a win it was a hard assist during that stopped him from death.
>Chunin exam Orochimaru
>Valley of end Sasuke
>Gaara at least twice

All before he even had control over it

The best part is he did the exact same shit and couldn’t justify his actions. Sasuke had to make some shit up.

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Don't forget Wave.

Using Ninja tools in a competition is kinda cheating though. its use on IRL missions wouldn't be frowned upon. If anything NAruto was trying to teach Boruto to use his own strength or else he will end up fighting people far above his calibre if the tool runs out and he will get rekt

yeah, boruto's going to have to rely on his own strength since he doesn't have a massive chakra demon inside him that gives him infinite chakra. I bet they're really going to develop this idea and we'll see some more creat-oh wait he's got eye powers now ok nevermind

I don't know why this is so difficult to understand

desu Guy is the only human without Eyehax or Genetic god gifts that is able to hang at the top level

>Use your own strength boruto! Just like me! Ignore me relying on Kurama for literally every battle I’ve been in, that’s different!

Boruto is dumb melodramatic bullshit, more news at 11

>guy is still better than lee in a wheelchair
lee is such a fucking disappointment. I was hype as fuck after he whopped gaara and started that drunken fist with the bone guy, but then they literally never used his character again and had him overshadowed by his tutor.
really guy's big moment during the war arc should have been lee's.

>since he doesn't have a massive chakra demon inside him
>he doesn't know

was this his best transformation?

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It's easy to though. To be a ninja, you either have to have the skills to do it for real, or the balls to cheat well. Boruto's cheating was noticed, and so he failed.

If Kiba's allowed to use his dog then you could take it too the extreme and say that Naruto is allowed to the fox demon. He still had to tame the thing.

Guess what? Still took more effort than a point n shoot bracelet.

It was only noticed by Hinata, who has magic eyes, and Naruto, who is supposed to be the best sensor in the world. He fooled all of the other kage. I’d say he did a fantastic job hiding it.

What about puppet dolls? how is this any different? they carry poison and elemental uses as an extra tool

How is Naruto supposed to sense technology?

How is this so difficult for you guys to understand this stuff. Chunin exams are a test of ninja skills. It makes sense not to have ninjas completely relent on gadgets in the battle field.

Also it's not like winning means the Ninja's gonna be a chunin. Shikamaru was the only one how became a chunin and he lost

I donno, how can he sense malice? Shits magic.

If you fool 99% of the guards, that 1% that wasn't fooled sets the rest of them off. Fool them all, or don't bother trying.

that takes skill, boruto is using the equivalent of an easy auto mode. press button to jutsu. with no chakra expenditure.

idk dude. Sage mode can even sense peoples bad intentions and moods

The whole point of Naruto's 1st exam was to cheat too.

>He fooled all of the other kage.
cause none of them were familiar with the tech

>that takes skill
Masters could use upto 10 puppets at once. Grand masters could use 100. I dont think it even consumes Chakra really

No, that’s Kyuubi Chakra Mode. Sage Mode is basically just his sharingan. He just combined both of them eventually so those perks merged together as well.

Inanimate objects are different from living things, anons.

all of them?

Those still require the user to control the puppets using the ninja's own skill

The chuunin exams are all about a ninja honing and showing off their skills. All these examples people use require a ninja to use their own chakra and weave it into something else, even kyuubi chakra. The bracelet doesnt teach you the jutsu you suck up, it just stores it to fire back with no thought or skill, so its not even like the sharingan where you have to copy the handsigns and use your own chakra to mimic the move

What about summoning scrolls like TenTen uses. Would it have been ok if he had sealed it inside a scroll first?

yeah, key word, masters. and how does it not expend chakra? if they were low on chakra do you think they could just effortlessly keep using puppets? it was commented on in manga that it takes crazy skill to accomplish that.

They used shuriken and kunai in the chuni exams all the time and no one ever bothered to rule against those. They even encouraged people to cheat in the written exam part since ninjas are all about deception.

Sage Mode had sensing powers as well, just not "bad intentions sensing".
I wonder though, how much of a power-up was Sage Kyubi mode compared to regular Kyubi mode? I assume the jump in strength is lesser than regular Naruto to Sage Naruto, but it's probably still pretty big.

Naruto’s first exam was literally
>Yeah ninjas need to learn how to cheat to be good at being a ninja.
Though, given Naruto failed that test and didn’t learn the lesson, it makes sense he’s retarded and thinks cheating as a ninja = bad

He explicitly forbade their use for that exam and didn't want ninja to rely too much on technology rather than old fashioned training for everything, which even he did for his best shit despite the plot armor pet. There's nothing unreasonable about and I thought anons would agree this is straight up soulless and boring to become a focus rather than actually fucking using scrolls or any other tools again.

Jiraiya could do that as well

Yes, because scrolls require knowing how to seal and unseal things, like how Naruto could only summon a little frog at first

That’s exactly what I said

>combining scifi and medieval fantasy
this new writer should be fucking shot, what a literal retard... just because you are a fangay for a certain genre doesnt mean you get to shoehorn it into a completely opposite genre

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The ninja tools ARE summoning scrolls. They're ninjutsu sealed inside small scrolls that can be loaded and used by the gauntlet.

Sage mode is broken. Naruto didn't even need the kyubi desu. Of course that was before Kishimoto's massive power creep during the war arc

KCM just increased the ability to absorb natural energy. with that as long as Kurama has some Chakra hes able to absorb it while Naruto fights.
Prime example is Naruto using a shadow clone of Kurama to absorb natural energy while he faught Sasuke in the sky

Boruto is awful. Should have just done prequels.

future Boruto ninja tools and technology are not equal to cheating through skilled jutsu usage. the "cheating" in the og exams is not the same.

Didn't you just describe every competitive game/sports out there?

>My use of game breaking mechanics is SKILL
>Your use of game breaking mechanics is an exploit and needs a NERF

The test was about gathering information without being detected, which was a cool idea to introduce in the form of cheating on a test without getting caught.

Lmao no. The weakest God Tier is Hashirama. Jiraiya is mid top tier at best.

dude, re-read the fucking chapter. It wasn't just that they had to cheat. They had to use their ninja skill to not get caught cheating.

Agreed, it was completely unnecessary. Sage Naruto could already fuck up the fox.

I also find it much cooler to have Naruto use a skillset completely different from the fox, showing that despite the fox curse he became his own man.

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Gates Guy is below Hashirama, though. He needed help to land his attack on Madara.

That’s bullshit. Naruto is literally the strongest person on earth.

well Naruto had sci fi elements before but yeah the Boruto stuff doesn't mesh well

And if God himself is proctoring your exam, and you intend to cheat, you better have the skill to pull one over on God.

this was more of a mental battle though

>He needed help to land his attack on Madara.
Because Madara had SO6P powers from the Juubi. Madara was just a Uchiha shit when he lost to Hashirama

Naruto knows all about cheating. Probs had flashbacks of shame and DQ'd his son.

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Would Gates Guy be able to pierce Perfect Susano? If not, he's not getting past regular Madara (not the one from the copypasta)

is boruto worth a read?

how did he cheat here

Kishimoto is a shit writer.