What did she mean by this?

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Makoto is a slut

he wishes he was a real girl

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She's a wannabe slut but will die a lesbian

She likes boys and wants them to like her but she has more lesbians attracted to her than she would prefer.

Makoto is my princess

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Don’t you mean prince


She's saying she doesn't want a boy to date her because of her looks,but for her talents.

Remember, Makoto won twice. Miki BTFO

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Idols are all sluts.

I want to treat Makoto like the delicate little princess she wishes to be.

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CG is the peak of ero doujinshi culture, show some respect.

she's 2d so it's ok

Behead those who insult my wife

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You can go back and bait at /@/, but that was a cute attempt.

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I can't believe Usamin is dead...

Why are they so angry?

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Someone just told them to stop singing.

wtf are you saying bitch

Reminder Miki won the Pbowl

seethe more tranny

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They joined ISIS after finding by chance research about USS Liberty, Edgewood Arsenal and Project Northwoods.

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Lol. 90% of CG doujins are garbage.

Holy shit, CG is so fucking bad.