Which are the worst ghibli movies?

Which are the worst ghibli movies?

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Certainly not Pom Poko

The ones that are cute and aimed for children and no one else. Like Ponyo and others I'm forgetting because they're very forgettable. Whereas ones like Totoro which on the surface are meant for children can resonate quite deeply with adults.

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Howl's and Earthsea. This is not up for debate.

Almost all of them are overrated

Ponyo is amazing though

Ponyo is so fucking bad holy shit. Literally nobody can explain why Ponyo is good they just say "it's Ghibli it's really good muh animation"

You posted it, either pom poko or arietty for the most boring stories and unlikable characters.

Arriety, NOTHING happens!
>allude to sweet rats in the walls encounter
>all the possible exploring

Howl's and Earthsea are definitely weaker, but they still have vibrant worldbuilding and great adventures that happen. Arriety has smol people.

Yes, it's a simple kids film with fantastic animation you fucking pseud. Just because you're a teenager now and think you're too old for kiddie stuff, doesn't make it bad.

Nausicaa and grave of the fireflies are terrible movies.

I watched Laputa when I was a kid and that was for kids but it had story so there's no fucking excuse for Ponyo, fuck you.

You're a retard. You missed so much meaning in Ponyo because you have a child's brain and got distracted by the pretty colours and animation.

Ponyo>Totoro though

Ponyo shows the apocalypse/the Götterdämmerung through the eyes of children. The contrast of the end of something so horrifying as the God's taking their rage out on the Earth with children who are enjoying everything as it comes is why it's a great movie. You're literally to stupid yo understand Ponyo, you childish illiterate fuck.

And? How does that make Ponyo fucking bad?

You're a dumbass as well for not realising how much depth there is in Ponyo.

>Ponyo fucking sucks
>"nuh uh your expectations are too high it's not supposed to have a story it's for babbys"
>But I watched Laputa which is a children's movie yet has a better story
>"uhhhh who cares"
goalposts soaring into the stratosphere

There's no goalpost moving, you haven't fucking said anything about how Ponyo is bad, you just keep asserting it's bad because other movies are good. Try actually forming some sort of reasoning as to how the film is poorly written using the film in question you fucking pseud.

Laputa's story is a lazy mesh of Future Boy Conan and Nausicaa and if you liked it you have 50iq

It's boring hippie garbage

Nice buzzwords, retard.

which is extreme greenie bullshit

Not an argument. Ponyo sucks.

Arrietty is great though. It was subtle but it was about Sho finding learning to fight for his life since he accepted his death with his upcoming surgery, but then he sees the borrowers who he looked down on as inferior beings that’ll eventually go extinct, still fighting to live.
I liked the tinge of melancholy throughout the film and the bittersweet ending was very fitting imo. I felt it was more a story of how that small summer they shared affected their lives as they moved on, instead of the film being about their time together.

Yeah but that had rad sky pirates and robots.
What did Ponyo have? Underwater David Bowie arguing with some loud bitch.

Not in my hearth.

So you admit you only care about the surface level shit like an 8 year old would? You're too stupid to understand Ponyo. You got filtered hard.

Life is too short to watch boring trash like Ghibli movies just so you can say you understood them to people who don't care.

I guess I've just had all the other great adventures from Ghibli, so I expected something more grand. I'm also not saying it's bad by any means, just not as great or adventurous as the other Ghibli films.

Ponyo and pom poko

Excuses excuses. You're a fucking moron that like the movies where
>haha funny pirate
>big robot cool

Arguably anything Takahata was significantly involved in is fair game.
Except Grave Of The Fireflies. Easily his best work.

That’s fair. A big part of Ghibli films is that adventurous feeling in a new world.

Not him, but 8 year olds are literally Ponyo's intended demographic.

Fuck off Ponyo was good

I know Laputa is loved on here but it’s that for me. I just feel like they could’ve done so much better with the idea of a castle in the sky and the antagonists felt silly


> porco rosso is boring as fuck
> the one about the guy who designs airplanes is masturbation in the form of movie, only miyasaki enjoyed that
> honestly: chihiro/howl's could have been shorter
> mononoke could have had a more charming mc
> laputa was pretty good
> arriety was ok
> the witch was alright

never watched ponyo or totoro, but I'm sure they're pretentious as fuck, like the airplanes one

what's wrong with that? movies are primarily for entertainment.

Wow you’re so quirky user