One Piece

I'm actually gonna kind of miss the anime for a while. The pacing is of course dogshit in the anime, but at least there's kino animation in Wano.

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>that cunny stare from Ace

What's his name again?

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First for Law

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Literally WHO?

What's the point of a flame-flame fruit when every normal human has a fire attack? King used one, Sanji uses one, Zoro did one back on Thriller Bark and now Luffy has one. Like what the fuck is the point?

hope they do luffy using future sight in udon justice.

it's all soibo and soice deserve

CrocoChads, what is /ourguy/ doing and when will it be our time again?

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maybe it'll adapt more than 12 pages an episode when it returns

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This I do agree with, fire's a common addon power. Granted not at the level Ace used it, but still pretty common.

Yonko tier

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Post Charlottes

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Will probably be relevant later.
Otherwise his new crew would be shown and not be blacked out

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>that filename
Ya got a hearty kek out of me

>zoro did one back on Thriller Bark
No he didn't, why do people say this.

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You guys can keep Smoothie because for me, it's Praline

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>look mom i quoted everyone

holy shit that file name. massive kek

I like Amande since she's one of the unique women designs from Oda.

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>a giant swordsman
So that's who Mihawk defeated for the WSS title.

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those still don't grand you the logia advantages of the mera mera

That nameless nobody has haki in anime?

Why does smoker suck ass?

Made out of fart clouds.

Which get countered by Haki

Batman has like mastered Color of Armament Haki in the anime. Shit's hilarious.

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nicotine makes you a jobber

That's a lot of jobbers in op.

Wrecked by the timeskip. Even up to Marineford he was still handing Luffy his ass, but now he's stuck as a Vice-Admiral as we near the endgame and the Straw Hats (at least the monster trio) are nearing Admiral level. It was only natural that Smoker would be left behind.

Oda should have just made Smoker an admiral, especially since it's been years and we still haven't seen Ryokugyu

Fruit users are the weakest OP characters, literally going the same route as Nardo that ended up being a bitch that can't do a anything without borrowed power.

>he was still handing Luffy his ass
And getting his demolished by people Luffy routinely beat.

>*Electros you*

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so go read your beloved choden flashbacks

koby a shit
change my mind.

I still don't get why anyone ever takes anything on Toei anime at face value. it's no secret that those guys like to extend scenes and jazz things up like how wrestling matches do, World Trigger, Toriko,Saint Saiya, One Piece, Dragonball, Salior Moon, all of them. Toei anime have made bad guys way stronger than they should be, made main characters stronger than they should be, changed canon events to suit their needs and even made jokes out of characters that their running gag is all their fucking known for now oh and all of their shows use the exact same sound effects

I can't stand these assholes and their power,

He is getting some sort of Vegapunk upgrade, we'll have to see what comes of that. But yes, they should have just legitimately fought at Punk Hazard or Dressrosa if Oda brought him there.

Nami uses lightning, I guess eels fruit is pointless as well.

He's gonna fuck rebecca and they'll both shout luffy's name as they cum

Don't diss my boy like that.

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>Even up to Marineford he was still handing Luffy his ass.
But Luffy never beat Smoker.

Carrot is going to be king of the pirates?

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>2 months later and im still on chapter 600

Yeah gonna miss the 10min punches

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Why's Smoothie so weak? She needs to kill fodders to do barely above ship level slashes, how can someone have a 1B bounty and be this pathetic?

haha namiy gay lol

Dammit, now I need to drink tea from a thermos

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Her power's legit OP. If she juices you you're just out of commission.

when Crocomom becomes canon

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I miss him

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Nah she likes dick.

>If she juices you you're just out of commission.
Maybe for you. I'd be good again in about ten minutes

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I sure hope that those upgrades aren't a fucking suit or a super mega legendary weapon.

Blowjob Blowjob no mi

Think CP9 ever had missions in the New World and just talked a big game because EL was in Paradise like Croc and Moria?

From an evolutionary point of view, would the entire human race eventually be capable of using Moonwalk?

The chapters also get pretty dense, there've been some manga I breezed through because the panels were so big.


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What would be a good one?