Did he ever have sex with Rei?

Did he ever have sex with Rei?

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Of course.
Why do you think Rei 1 died shittalking Ritsuko's mom?

Like mother, like daughter.

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Of course. Gendo is a pimp, why wouldn't he violently rape every single woman working at Nerv?

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based, pillows deserve death.

you bet he did

I don't think so but there is voluntary an ambiguous Freudian thing concerning Rei and the Ikari dudes.
Gendo = Wife-Daughter
Shinji = Girlfriend-Mother-(sister?)
And Rei is affected on the same way for both, she has paternal affection for Gendo but realizes Gendo is confused, she has romantic attraction towards Shinji but realizes it could be wrong knowing her nature.

That Freudian thing is everywhere on Eva, the same with Misato being a mother figure and a sexual interest towards Shinji.

muh dick

and Kaworu?


Ritsuko is trash.
Worst character of the entire franchise.
Being jealous of Rei knowing the truth about her and all the suffering she is forced to endure is just ruthless and retarded.

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I feel they would have explicitly said so, like with Ritsuko.

This Gendo faggot is such a fucking pussy. If i was Isekai'd to the NGE world I'd blast his head off with my AR-15.

Who wouldn't

Based and Reipilled.

Nerv doesn't use the AR-15. I'm pretty sure they rely solely on SMGs.


I would bring my own AR-15.

>NGE has nothing to do with Ferud's theories!
You're a fucking retard.

Nope for Kaworu it was homoshit.
Thought Kaworu is interesting because he is unable to be unhappy, he can't feel sadness or hurt people. He is programmed to be like that and he his a prisonner of his angel instinct. However his only freedom is to choice how he wants to dies.

Death does not matter for him because he his Adam, he can survive reaching another state of existence. Kaworu is basically how Shinji wants that everyones treat him. But there is no sincerity on his behavior, he likes him for no reason and he not even betrayed him actually, all Kaworu did all along was just following his instinct. Shinji can't even cope about having killed him as an Angel because he his aware that he his the same kind of human as Rei.

Seriously. Leave


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Man stop, Eva has obviously a Freudian and Jungian lecture.
The religious Gnostic lecture is more focused for The End of Evangelion.

You can't remains a plebeian forever. The deep content is not even that hard to get actually.

I want to fondle them.

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What anime is this?

Legend of Korra.

Gendo is a socially retarded psychopath who got oneitis for a woman so bad that he literally incited Armageddon to get one woman back, only for her to kill him via vore and then cuck his immortal soul to go live in space on her own for eternity.

The fact that he was such a pathetic, desperate loser is why he clung onto Rei so hard. It was essentially a Lolita scenario, with Gendo in both the Humbert and Charlotte roles. He pretended he could think of her as a daughter to distract from his sexual inclination towards her. This transparently bullshit excuse is torpedoed by looking his relationship with Shinji, but he still tried to convince himself of it. This is why he saved her during the entry plug ejection in the Test and risked everything to save her during the battle with the 16th Angel. Once Rei II was dead and replaced, his last hang up (the emotional attachment formed by "raising" her) was gone and he made the relationship sexual. Ritsuko worked it out because it's obvious and had her breakdown.

They didn't make it explicit probably weren't allowed to given the network also vetoed Toji actually dying like he was supposed to, but did they did leave the clues in there.

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Dragon Ball GT

So, he didn't fuck Rei II, but did fuck Rei III?

>ambiguous Freudian thing
Pseud detected.

So Rei III hated Gendo, destroyed his glasses and cried because Gendo molested her?
And the faggot not realized she had still the memories of Rei II?

Grow up. Anytime you freudfags do a "freudian analysis", all you ever do is infer there MUST be some depraved meaning behind an author's work. Constantly coming up with the most offbase and retarded accusations imaginable.

>entire plot of the show driven by villain's primal desire to return to the primordial womb
>episodes titled after literal freudian terms like introjection, ambivalence and oral stage
>people talking about freud on the radio in the background in one episode
>anno: There was this replacement by a robot, so the original mother is the robot, but then there is a mother of the same age, Rei Ayanami, by [Shinji's] side. [She is] also by the side of the real father. There is also another father there, Adam, who governs the overall course of events. An Oedipus Complex within these multiple structures; that's what I wanted to do
Hurr durr, Eva has nothing to do with Freud

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