Can we all agree that

Can we all agree that
Anime butts > anime boobs

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Anime butts > real butts
Anime boobs < real boobs

Thats why:
>Big butt/flat chest > everythijg else
Will always win

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This is the only true answer.

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Big boobs + big butt + big hips = ideal combination

Shit comes from there you disgusting shameless perverts

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Anime legs > All
The image I was going to post "contains an embedded file" (it doesn't) so I'm just not going to bother, everyone knows I'm right

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Nah, boobs are better. Also, most anime girls have small asses.

Bait harder

How the fuck is that bait?

Not that guy but you're clearly just baiting for images, user.

>Nah, boobs are better
Prove it

Nah, boobs are objectively better. Big natural boobs are God's gift to man.
>trannies and flatchests will try to refute this

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I wish I was that cat

Both is the answer

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holy based

tell that to Japan

I think I'd be grossed out by a "real" girl who had feet like this.

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That's right.

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Mutts law

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Based, plus thick thighs with nice, long, and fit legs are nice too.
>most anime girls have small asses
Your right about that, big butts in anime are somewhat rare, especially compared to big tits, and are often treated as a joke and almost always secondary to the big tits on the same girl. is extremely rare.
Also extremely based.

> based beyond belief

>so many people are still unenlightened
You all will get there eventually.

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>Thinking a cuck is based
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