There's no such thing as a good isekai with a male MC. See also: Spirited Away and Alice in Wonderland

There's no such thing as a good isekai with a male MC. See also: Spirited Away and Alice in Wonderland.

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>what if people were all assholes to the MC over and over, that'd be the peak of drama
>and also teen angst, always need teen angst
I laugh whenever people try to hype this up.

>There's no such thing as a good isekai with a male MC. See also: Spirited Away and Alice in Wonderland.
Gulliver's Travels

*blocks your path*

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*lampoons fate*
i can tell OP was affected by Klein's godhood ritual when he posted this thread

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women in isekai:
>let's explore their culture and history
>let's get involved in politics and fight for justice
>let's be a hero and save people's lives
>i want to make friends and put down roots here
men in isekai:
>how can i get my dick wet

men are subhumans who should be collared and leashed like dogs.

But twelve kingdoms have plenty male mcs?

women in isekai:
>get raped
men in isekai:
>tap their glabellas
>step four times counterclockwise
>prevent incarnations of evil deities
>save cities
>trick mystery and fate

haven't watched it yet but I heard Dunbine is pretty good

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Stupid. They weren't assholes to her. Do you think being a ruler is easy? The politics of the Twelve Kingdoms was spectacular.

fuck this manga and fuck you

Ride-on KingOh y

Whoops messed up my post.

Yeah, this one is good. That Familia Senki one, the one where the guy gets isekai'd with his step-family, that one was good too.

El Hazard was fun if only for the teacher being great

>That Familia Senki one
I don't know if I'd call this one good. However, I think it remains engaging despite being what it is and having a story with the premise "the son of a pick up artist fucks his way into authority". But the main antagonist of rapist undead is just a simple excuse for titillation, each arc is super obvious because as long as the antagonist has a woman in his life you know how it's going to go wrong for him, and the MC has God mode enabled from the beginning with nothing to really make me feel that he won't curb stomp any challenge thrown his way.

the teacher and the antag

>men in isekai:
Real man laughs at you.

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Isekai should be shoujo genre.

I have recently tried to watch 12 kingdoms. The animation is really weak. It did not age well.

Putin isekai is good.

Here's a better version I found.

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>Actually wants to escape the Isekai to be reunited with his family like a normal person would do.
>No harem or forced romance plots
>Likeable, not too perfect or too inept.
>Good grasp on humor
>Bases a disguise on a Bloodborne character for an entire arc and more
Yeah I'm thinking he's based.

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you forgot
>would be hate-fucking his archenemy (male) were it not for the fact that the novel is written in china and thus gayness must be censored
klein is truly a lampooner of fate

>Digimon adventure
Just to a name a few. Fuck off femfag


Shut up roastie, you won't even last if you get isekai'd.

Is LotM truly an isekai? IsnĀ“t it just time travel?