Azumanga Daioh is 18 years old

Azumanga Daioh is 18 years old.

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>there's more time between Nichijou's release and now than between Nichijou's and Azumanga Daioh's release

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Ok, this one fucking got me.

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moot created Yas Forums when he was like 15. He's over 30 now, I think.

He's fucking 32.

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wait no

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Something's off about that Nano

she consumed Yukko and they became one

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>there are kids younger than Yas Forums posting here now

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But somehow he's still a faggot

Moot will always be a faggot

>moot and wen-chi get married
>has little half-asian half-faggot kids
>his hapa son is browsing the internet one day
>"dad, why does it say 'moot is a faggot' here?"

How does he respond?

>because he just was, son

who is moot?

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>has little half-asian half-faggot kids

Gave me a mighty chuckle, user

I feel old.

We all do.

He couldn't become a little girl, so he took the next closest thing on the list he actually could.

Sometimes i miss that faggot, at least he was our faggot, not some ad data pyramid scheme con-man.

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>moot jumps on top of the table
>drops pant and starts to meatspin while jacking-of
>daughter just stands there in shock
>cum flights everywhere and some even land on his daughters face.
>moot then runs and jumps out the window only to turn into a swan and fly away.
I have no idea who I'm quoting.

The police report, probably.

Fuck, that aged well.

>Chris get misty eyed
>Blinks the tears away
>"He truly was a faggot, son."
>"I stirr don't get it dad..."
>"It's okay, son. Almost no one does...just a bunch of other faggots."

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Good Ending

True Ending

Aaaaaaa. Noooo
Why do you keep reminding me I wasted my teens and twenties consuming weeb shit?

Here's to another ten you losers

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why did you come here to be reminded, faggot?

I scrolled past this thread looking for smt to fap to