Mewkledreamy, Prichan, Aipare and more

New Prichan and Mewkledreamy super soon!

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aipare sucks

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Would've been way better if Yume was lesbian attracted to Maira

aipare rocks n rolls

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I want to eat Lala's butt.

Thank you oil overlords and their infinite power

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Mirai has negative value.

Let me rephrase that. "Seasonal lolicon out"

>Yua humiliated Gai

Is Thouser the ultimate jobber?

Mirai and Rinka may have big breasts.

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What Aikatsu opening used to be like

I want to du du wa do Akari

Rinka is the biggest of Miracle Kiratts, followed by Mirai, then Emo.

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What Aikatsu openings have been reduced to

I want to hatefuck Akari.

Aikatsu is truly dead.


>old thing good
>new thing bad

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Force that frame all you want. Doesn't take brains to know that music and production quality of the two are on different level.

>prichan abandoned its original concept because people liked old thing better

You're right, it doesn't take brains to think that music has an objective quality to it.

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These are both great though.


Asahi is completely mesmerized by Yume's phallic hairdo.

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>that one ainon that said they weren't going to wear these outfits again

I'll watch mewkle

Anna is fucking pissed


Signalize and Diamond Happy are peak soul
fuck 3rd models dancing in the OP