How come this doesn't get talked about as much as other long running shounen...

How come this doesn't get talked about as much as other long running shounen? It has a lot of the same problems most of them do but it has tons of cool moments

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Anime was trash + characters don't scream their attack names which makes western manga readers confused.

It's not in WSJ (it's not even a shounen), it wasn't translated beyond a few chapters for the first five+ years of its run until the anime happened, and the anime was short and CGI and not dubbed on Western TV.

It is more violent than most shounen series so I guess it makes sense it would be classified as seinen but reading through it, it definitely feels like a shounen manga in terms of character progression.

It's the same basic kind of story, yeah, but it's in a seinen magazine. A large portion of the people who flock to the long-running shounen aren't looking there.

Horrible anime adaptation moreover Chinese history isn't exactly popular outside of Japan, save for maybe the 3 kingdoms period. It's extremely popular in Japan though and is the 5th best selling manga this year, if I'm not mistaken.

Looks like it sold the third most of any manga in 2019. Pretty crazy that it's doing so well even though the anime wasn't good. They make anime to sell more manga so I guess they don't see a need to reboot it or something. It would be sweet to see it get a remake like Hunter x Hunter did though.

The new season is much better than the previous ones so at least it's getting a proper adaptation now, even if still censored. Maybe if it got that sort of quality from the start it would be more popular in the west. Even Yas Forums doesn't seem to give much of a fuck about it.

This is a manga about large battle and yet the author can't draw horses right, which is funny.

the horses look fine though

Hungry Shin won vs literal "cultivator"

It not only in Japan but whole asia include Middle East they also love it

Meanwhile western hype capeshit

Stop lying.

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I'll say this only once.
KAN KI IS THE MOST BASED GENERAL IN ALL OF QIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is a good ass though.

Next time on Kingdom:

Chinese War Elephants.

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imagine the smell

It's good, and isn't filled with kawaii uguu tsun moe blobs. That's why no one talks about it. Thankfully.

>spent more than a decade drawing this manga
>which is predominantly about large scale battles
>where cavalry play a crucial role in victory
>where all the important guys with names sit on horses

Either the guy just sucks at drawing horses or he doesn't give a shit anymore.

I just wish threads wouldn't die after 30 posts.

It's like with Araki - he just can't draw females.

>reads a manga about ancient chinese warfare
>looks at every horses ass

Found the degenerate

If you hadn't told me that was an elephant I would have assumed it was some kind of fantasy monster.

That's a medieval european drawing of a war elephant .... maybe the author will draw them like that too.

>muh horse ass

Mate, the problem is far deeper.

This is literally the last page from the latest chapter

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They aren't on like Historie levels but this doesnt really look terrible

I'm very interested in this series but I'm still tuckered out from marathoning +600 chapters of Kinnikuman, and I can't hold all these storytimes but I'm gonna do it anyways.

The anime improves with every iteration though. It started far worse than the new adaptation of Berserk. Season 2 evolved an became barely watchable animation wise. Season 3 is airing right now and looks better than the past seasons already, will confirm after a few fights.

Can´t wait for Heki-bro face when Xing tells him he killed Houken. Can´t wait for Xing to go back to battle now. Every soldier that know who he is will fear to battle him and every enemy general (and possibly some allied ones) are going to want his head. Can´t wait for Ousen to make him an offer to betray Sei.

>it's getting a proper adaptation now
no it's not you fucking idiot s3 is complete and utter shit and still suffers from the same problems as the previous seasons

I love Kingdom but it's REALLY not good if you're reading it weekly. There isn't much happening in a single chapters and the strategies are hard to remember when there's a week between the chapters. I stopped reading it a few months ago, I'm waiting for the war to end. It lasted so fucking long, I can't even remember why they were fighting in the first place.

I find that happens to me with any series I try to keep up with week to week. I just try to wait a month or two so I can read several chapters at once.

>not writing notes

Shut the FUCK up with these threads already. Are you the same mongrel who keeps making threads every week complaining about this? Fuck off.

But that's wrong, you cum guzzling piece of utter shit.

I tried to get into it. The art and fights are amazing but I think the characters are meh