To be fair if you think about it...

To be fair if you think about it, there has to be a lot of mentally challenged/retarded people in the lead village since clans are mostly related to each other. For example, how didn’t the uchiha clan have mostly mentally retarded people. They only had sex with the people that were in their clan. If this happened in real life most of their villagers would be handicapped.

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There is CANONICALLY an entire literal fucking 20th century urban city with skyscrapers behind Konoha at the end of Naruto. How the fuck is that not even brought up for the world or any corrupt assholes hiring elite ninja like in Land of Waves?

Three things:
Sasuke was right and should have won
But would have those retarded died in combat though, thereby ensuring that only the most fit (or lucky, admittedly) survive to reproduce?
Also, does not trauma lower reasoning ability?

Contrary to popular belief, defects in incestuous relationships aren't guaranteed. If there are degenerative conditions in the bloodline then through interbreeding they are concentrated and the chances increase, this is where your stereotypical blue blooded royal comes in. For arguments sake if there are no such inherent genetic malices then you could safely interbreed with no risk, however with all things mutations can occur out of the blue which would then be present in the bloodline and only be concentrated through continued interbreeding. The whole point of breeding outside is to diversify genetic information, but that's why without common societal eugenics we'll continue to persist in a mutt genetic dystopia

>how didn’t the uchiha clan have mostly mentally retarded people.
But uchihas are mostly mentally retarded people.

Maybe Chakra stops that from happening

Haven't seen/read anything Naruto related since the manga ended. Should I watch or read Boruto? Does it have cool fights at least?

Read the manga. Don’t watch the anime

The real question is why didn't Sasuke take multiple wives? He repeatedly stated he wanted to rebuild his clan. He had multiple opportunities to do this, yet he squandered each and every one.

Why is that even there? Konoha is a fucking military outpost.

He probably gave up on wanting to properly rebuild his clan when he found out they are all destined to be mentally handicapped - its not even that he hasnt taken multiple wifes, he didnt even bother to make more than one daughter with the wife he did choose

Sasuke was super edgy and shouldnt have been forgiven at the end

Also Kakashi was dabbed on in every fight, but somehow he is good enough to be Hokage???

Itachi was the only bearable Uchiha

with the whole edo tensei bringing literally everyone back, Im glad they at least didn't ruin it by bringing back Jiraiya and keeping him dead.

Nart's kids are deform. Hinata was a mistake, Hanabi should've Nart's wife.

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I don't think fucking your cousins cousin is going to screw you up too badly user.

It's heavily implied in part 1 that Hinata and Neji would have gotten together by clan rules if not for the reforms.

Clans were large enough to avoid genetic issues.
Keep in mind that humans lived in tribal communities for much of our history and those tribes were quite small. Somewhere around Dunbar's Number which is 150 people.

What would be the point, without inbreeding the Uchiha is as good as dead. Himawari and Boruto are the first non inbred Hyuuga born in generations and they already don't have the pale eyes.

Sarada is the first non-inbred Uchiha born in generations and she has bad eyesight to the point she needed glasses at the age of 5.

Sasuke kind of gave up on rebuilding his clan when he went off to Orochimaru. He was perfectly happy to let Orochimaru take his body so long as his revenge was carried out. And Orochimaru certainly wasn't going to rebuilt the Uchiha.

Also, Kishi said if an Uchiha and Hyuuga had a child they would have 1 doujutsu in each eye. Meaning neither would be fully effective. No 360 scope for the byakugan, and 1 less sharingan for Izanagi/Izanami/Whatever Mangekyou Technique you develop.

The Doujutsu genes are not dominant.

Sasuke never intended to let Orochimaru take over his body user. That was a lie so he could get his training and mastery of the cursemark.

But it was a lie he told after he received that training. He says it when he meets Naruto after the time skip.

Is Naruto happening at the beginning of Meiji Era? Was Goto supposed to represent the westernization who brings corruption?

Explain how Rain Village is so cyberpunk and advanced if they were poor as shit and devastated by constant wars.

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The anime has good animation sometimes, but awful writing and 80% filler. It is trash. They should wait to to do seasonal stuff since the manga is monthly. The manga is still bad.

they have computers

Hokages are not about only power. Jiraya and Orochimaru were more powerful than Hiruzen already. Kakashi had the trust of the ninja as a leader and veteran.

What was he suppose to say? "Actually I'm going to betray Orochimaru and kill him later"?

Orochimaru was in the vicinity and so was Kabuto, ontop of that he wanted Naruto and Sakura to leave him the hell alone. Telling them that he was faking would have just complicated things and led to them following him forever.

Granted they did but I doubt Sasuke thought it through that far.

user, they had video cameras in Part 1 during the Chuunin exams.

No, they are not in the Meiji era. The Shinobi lands are just behind the times.

They are not behind the times. They just lack whataver techonlogy would make ninjas irrelevant to the plot, like vehicles, guns, long distance communication and etc. They have a lot of random technology. Before Boruto, around late 80's, early 90's techonlogy. In Boruto, even internet and cellphones exists.

>Long Distance communication
They used Wireless headsets on missions in part 1 during a cat mission, Hinata's sqaud did aswell.

Orochimaru had computers in his lab during the Sasuke retrieval arc.

When I say behind the times, I mean they are not as advanced as the rest of the world. Remember in Movie 1 they went to a land that had movie theatres and were filming full budget films.

It's just the Shinobi lands that seem to forbid tech.

>Also Kakashi was dabbed on in every fight, but somehow he is good enough to be Hokage???
Kakashi was always a major threat, even Itachi and Pain admit that much. Hell, Kakashi only died during Pain's invasion because he has average-sized chakra reserves and died using the last of it to use Kamui to save Choji.

Can someone explain to me why Medical Ninjutsu which is literally magic could not cure his Ninja AIDS?

How the fuck did an entire metropolis pop up behind the village in like 20 years? Why did an entire metropolis pop up next to what is basically a shinobi military base? What does that imply for shit like the chuunin exams with now like ×10000 applications?

I feel like Kakashi should have kept his double Sharingan. Seeing his Hokage Costume use it when I play Ninja Storm 4 always reminds me how cucked he is after the war.

To be fair, it's probably easy to build in a world where people can use magic to do things to shift the landscape, make boulders and conjure metals from nothing. The Akimichi clan could probably knock out a building in a few months.

According to Hiruzen the Chuunin exams used to be a flashy way for countries to scope out the competition. Nowadays its basically a highly regulated martial arts tournament with no risk of death. Borutos exams had shit like capture the flag.

What the fuck.......... this cannot be real?

>A city was built in 20 years behind a village of literal magicians.

I mean the fact that there were skyscrapers all the time behind the mountain. How were they not destroyed by Peinu?

Well, when Gaara was captured by the akatsuki, Sunagakura send a message to konoha by a messenger bird. Why?


Konoha = USA
Suna = Pakistan

Different levels of tech, most likely based on region. The Land of Wind doesn't seem like its rich with resources.

They were not around when Pein destroyed the village, they were most likely built sometime after the war. Kawaki likely destroyed them in the flash forward though.

The metropolis is recent. In naruto's teenage years, there was only a forest there.

Fucking Konohamaru beat one Pain. He was only Hokage to have his own consolation prize. Kakashi without sharingan is useless