Did they fuck?

Did they fuck?

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I think I remember hearing something about WoG being that Simon wasn't a virgin when she died, but Kamina was a virgin when he died.

If they won't have children what's the point

>Dude, don't you get it? Bringing the dead back it's wrong.
>What do you mean with "why didn't you just heal her and make her a spiral while she was still alive (nevermind the fact that she seemingly has used spiral energy multiple times, making this situation nonsensical)?"? That way we can't have this forced , unearned bittersweet ending and beat the audience over the head with the point!
Dogshit ending, anyone who defends it is a mental midget.

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Yes, they had one week together from coming back to earth and the wedding

Good to know.

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Like animals

It was bad enough that he got his wife taken away but then lives the rest of his life old and alone as a hobo and forgotten. It’s not bittersweet, it’s just plain bad


I never understood her needing to disappear outside of forced drama. They went out of their way to establish that a young Lord Genome looks like Nia, so she has to be biologically his and considering his mass amount of spiral energy it's hard to imagine that whatever damaged the anti-spirals did was enough to kill her.

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The writers stated that after the wedding before she vanished Simon and Nia "Did what needed to be done".

Take that how you will.

>Simon and Nia "Did what needed to be done".
Applied for a mortgage?

kids these days and their mortgages
just go earn the money and pay in cash like a man

Simon went to prison, do you know how hard it is to find a good job for an ex-convict? No wonder he's unemployed in the ending

he carried around that staff with a drill on it so I assume he must've been like a miner or something

the movie end fight sucks dick

She's not biologically his at all. That was the entire fucking point. Whatever he was doing to engineer his daughters, he apparently knew they were turning out to be Anti-Spirals, which is why he kept tossing them after an indeterminate amount of time

I'm still mad that Kamina and Yoko died virgins. They were both the hottest people in the show.
>he thinks people only have sex for children
What are you, amish?

He feels more like a Spiral Sage of some sort.

What makes you think Yoko was a virg? She wasn't dead at the end of the show either

All of the Yoko doujins are canon

Okay, I heard it somewhere and I totally believed it. Because it sounds like the anime thing to do.

holy shit did you watch it at X2?

I only watched this anime out of boredom and because I heard that it's a classic, but my God the ending totally sucked. The songs are really memorable though.

I remember that someone asked this from Imaishi and he said they "did it" while they had their one week holiday together before the wedding

>Kamina's main message was to never give up, do your thing against any odds and literally DO THE IMPOSSIBLE SEE THE INVISIBLE
>Simon proceeds not to try to save his waifu because "it's dangerous, I'm not a god lmao", and becomes a lonely hobo
It will never not make me mad how shit that ending was
also, fuck Yoko

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>everyone keeps telling me ttgl is better than ditf
>watch it this year
>its literally just memey shit where main characters just will shit into existence

yall have some awful tastes

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ttgl may suck but ditf is actual garbage, please go away

>Not realizing that Kamina's message is the exact reason why the ending was like that
user I...

>>everyone keeps telling me ttgl is better than ditf
It is

Never watching this shit.