Here are your schoolmates bro

>here are your schoolmates bro
What do

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>yet another ugly fat fuck to bait NTR

Let's hope this one succeeds

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Screw that. She and the MC already fucked.

I'll gladly watch him fuck the other homewrecking whore though.

Nah, fuck that bitch. Even the Ugly Bastard dick is too good for her.

I like her more, she tries harder than big boobs

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Even though shed used goods

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>she tries harder
Doesn't mean much when she's lying out her ass.

Wow this looks fucking awful

I was once in a class with 27 girls and 3 guys.

And you still couldn't get laid


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No one did there, not even the girls made friends between themselves.

>tfw 6.3 foot tall white American with good built and gigachad jaw
Oh, you know what I'd do, baby:
shoot up the school

is this cuckquean?


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picked up

Slip a fart

wth, just make doujins at that point!

those two gals in the 3rd row are begging for impregnation

Relax it's an ecchi comedy

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which one is me?

You think

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>make a manga
>kidney stone out of your cock

this is a horror manga right?

It's hard to enjoy some scenes thinking how excruciatingly painful that must be

Valuable kidney stones
There are a group of women who hunt for those stones so they go after the MC and try to make him cum

He also gets a year shaved off his life each time he cums

They're fucking diamonds at that. The very idea of a fucking diamond tearing it's way through your dick is a goddamn nightmare.

>He also gets a year shaved off his life each time he cums

The mangadex TL is stock full of memes

There's no way this translation is accurate, nofap is some western bullshit. What's he actually saying here?

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It's literally Duwang doing the scanlations.

Fuck at least 5 of them

>stock full of memes
memes and occasional samsung galaxy advertisements

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Nothing particularly different. When you keep people at a certain distance, girls and boys are functionally identical.

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