Redpill me on all the romcoms

I've never read these and kinda want to, but Yas Forums says all of these are terrible manga. Should I check any of these out? What am I getting myself into?

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No,waste of time

Anime when

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Uzaki and Nagatoro are good.
Roukudou is fine too.
Dropped 5head, 5toubon and Komi
Didn't read the rest.

Read what you enjoy user. You're going to get people passionate about each series you've listed and people that hate each one too, they're both right as we're on Yas Forums to discuss after all.

Here's a redpill: read this kino first

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Why don't you just try them first and then continue if you like them? Yas Forums has garbage opinions on everything anyway, so it's not like it's worth getting recommendations here in the first place.

Uzaki and Nagatoro is the only one worth reading
Everything else that's listed is trash

Nagatoro's the only one you should read

Not on that list, but Kaguya is particularly fun. Not so much because of the romance, but because of the dumb schemes and mindgames.

Roukudou became a battle shonen tho.

This, read synopses check out a few early chapters and decide on a serie that premise, characters suits you or don't. It's way more enjoyable to discover it on your own and confront with what you expected of it.

Read nagatoro

I tried reading some romcoms (not these ones tho) and I always end up dropping them. They're usually full of blueball shit and/or are just a waste of time.

One of the very few times Yas Forums is right

I'm not much of a romcom guy, but I enjoy Anjou-san. The main character is a huge faggot at first, but there's some actual character development.


literally the worst among the bunch

All of them are unironically shit. Literally just self insert trash. Only decent ones are the romance manga with an actual proper plot rather then just trying to shit out as many chapters as possible, like Hi Score Girl

>Redpill me on all the romcoms
>post only the ones for males
So we're going just male oriented harems right?

>At least generational tier
Ranma 1/2
Love Hina (generation defining in the west)
Negima (not sure if I'd really put this here esp after LH but it's definitely generational in JP)
To love ru

>Not manga or other honorable mentions
School rumble
Golden boy
[KEY VN/anime/manga here]
Majikoi in the VN arena

>Read it if you want, but it's forgettable/droppable tier

>Better off not going there tier
Anything Seo
Ah my goddess

>What OP is really asking for
Ouran Koukou Host Club

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Is this some kind of prison high school ripoff?

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>I haven't read all of these, but let me tell you what they are like

Don't read that trash, the only reason people read it here is because it got popular and so they have something to talk about after/during translation.

Their are only good for their doujins. Unfortunely, japanese writers are lame virgins and can't write romance without stupid self insert dense MCs and random harems.

>Anything Seo
Suzuka is acceptable, besides that fuck him

Retard. It's the only good one out of everything in OP's pic.

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>Dumb misunderstandings
>Somewhat srsbzs
>Cute series, boring to catch up but great weekly, most of best characters lose relevance at around midpoint
>Idem Komi, except the characters. 2ch/month
>idk, backlogged, soon(tm)

I have read all of them except the blonde gyaru one (garbage character artstyle) and the top right one. I enjoy reading them but they're all objectively self insert trash garbage.

Bokuben (dropped in 80 chapters in) and 5touben (finished it) were good if you liked shitposting in their threads. Otherwise burning garbage.

Komi was pretty good the first 100 chapters or so but now the mangaka try to shit out as many chapters as possible while having the introduction of Manbagi be a catalys for forced drama and garbage love triangel shit and he flanderize character like Katai even harder.

Nagatoro was never good imo, but worth it for the cute moments. Dump threads are absolute Yas Forums tier garbage though.

Uzaki has big tits. That's it.

Takagi is probably my favorite out of these and that's simply because it doesn't pretend to be anything other than a cute SoL about teasing. We already know they get together and have a kid but it's too repetetive to be called good.

>rom coms

My word of advice is reading ones without harem or love rectangle bullshit. Find one where the relationship gets established quickly or gets establish a decent chunk before the manga even ends. After you find something like that the story become far more tolerable.

Just look at love is war. Not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea but people love the fact the relationship actually happens and things aren’t being needlessly drawn out all the time.

It’s basically a raunchy (practically straight up hentai) manga. It’s funny as fuck though. Especially because the translators add in a some fun shit.