Just finished watching this, and damn did it hit me in the feels hard. I feel like I can relate with the school teacher the most though, being 32 and all. I'll never get to experience high school love again. How do you guys deal with living after watching feelers like this?

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I want to fuck Taiga.

I thought it was horseshit and it didn't have any emotional impact at all on me. I liked none of the characters.

how the fuck did you not?

i just want her to beat me up and say she needs me, though I can't cook so i'd probably be fucking useless...

It's not even bad, just uninteresting and dumb.
I regret not having dropped this cringe fest.

t. shounenfag

>tfw you identify with the comedy relief desperate single adult character

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> I'll never get to experience high school love
> again

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pretty much, how do we cope?

>ywn have a small Taiga gf who literally crawls all over you for attention

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Please stop.
It hurts.

>Ywn have fake persona Ami who actually is a real and genuine person underneath gf

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why even live honestly?

anyone have any suggestions that will get me out of this slump this got me in?

Taiga is shit and anyone who thinks otherwise should be slicing up their wrists.

She's literally shit. She got 3rd place to a midget and an autist

Reminder that you will never have this

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Implying Ryuji has good taste

honestly waiting for this, fuck man there were so many times I just wanted to punch them both and be like "YOU FUCKING LOVE EACH OTHER STOP TRYING TO FAKE THAT YOU DON'T!" and now I just feel like shit now that its over.

It wouldn't be anything close to this anyway. 3d just isn't worth it.

Hi :D This is also my first time on Yas Forums nice to meet you.

Wow, edgy.

invest in real estate

guess i'm fucked then lol

>Tonguefucked each other after the second kiss

Jesus christ those two were thirsty as fuck. How did she even survive that night?

Because one of the romantic leads is a self-insert and the other a rather empty tundere?
It's not like they're overflowing with personality.

that's an Ami fan

She eventually has triplets; Taiga is sturdy and low-key good breeding stock

I don't get it either, and it's hard to tell if Yas Forums actually likes this or is just some massive board joke