Siscon Ani to Brocon Imouto - Special chapter!

Cycomi released exclusive special chapter to celebrate upcoming release of Volume 4.
Starting dumping RAW now!

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Yep. It was flashback. Now back to present!

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Still wholesome. Chapter end.

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Very cute.

Also series will continue in the form of doujin titled "When a Siscon Brother and Brocon Sister Become a couple, they may get too happy and explode!" that will be released on early May and tell the story of Ritsu and Uta living together in their new apartment and pretending to be newlyweds. It's promised to be super juicy.

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Thank you OP and I am super happy that we'll get more comfy incest.

>hehe ehehehe
Typical laugh of imoutos in love? Suzuka does it and if I remember right Kirino did it a few times too

So they're going to use terrorism to try to change the social order and force people to accept incestuous love?

>It's promised to be super juicy.

So it's going to be porn, right?

Thanks for the dump.

Sorry but no. Rated "General" on MelonBooks.

The face of someone who remembered why she's a brocon.

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Judging by cover and attached image, I think that it's rather meant that they will have explosion of love and horniness.

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No, literally juicy; they act like a newlywed couple and go shopping together at a home-goods store for a juicing machine.

This is the best surprise!

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So he was teleporting to catch her from a young age.

>After Story
I don't know, it's really looking like Uta is going to kick the bucket.

Is Uta flat?

>Uta with heart shaped pupils
Ritsu is in danger!

No, that is Uta when she was younger.
Uta doesn't have huge oppai but she isn't flat.

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They are gonna create and release a virus that will kill any human who doesn't form the deepest bond with a sibling of the opposite sex

based, fuck the manga code

What about the only childs? Can little girls still survive if they marry their papas?

>After Story
>Hano being huge Key fan
Oh sh*t!

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Lurk two years before posting.

they die, only sibling couples will be left to rule the world

What does that have to do with the post?

I Knew it was a woman, only they can be this fucked up.