Is this a homage or something?

Is this a homage or something?

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A rip-off

>different face structure
>different look
>different personality
Only reason retards like thinks it is a rip off is cause they can't see how they actually look different

at least we got to see Girudars fight even though it was disappointing
Shanks will die off panel

Are you baiting? or are you really this retarded. Not hating fairy tail but this is the most blatant case of knock off in manga history.

One Piece drawn by Mashima but all the characters are girls

Mashima learned under Oda so it makes sense, very lazy of him though which isn't surprising.

Only person who is retarded is you. Only low IQ people refuse to see the difference or too stubborn to see the difference. You only did s first glance and glued it to your mind that they look alike when they don't

The facial structure is the same, only reason they look different is that One Piece is Quality not QUALITY

The facial structure is not the same. Now answer a bigger question, if gildarts a "rip off" then why they changed his design and he and shanks have completely different personalities?

>different personalities
I get that this is bait but they aren't that different

>shanks personality barely shown except for when he is goofing around and got serious 2 time
>a symbol to luffy in some kind if way

>gildarts is like a father/rival to natsu
>he mentor natsu during the guild ranking
>showed he is a loving father to his daughter
>he is a goofy person
>have more screen time to get to know him

Yet they are the same to you

>a homage

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I've seen fairy tale , gildarts is literally a rip off on every level. from his personality to his design to his role in the story. Only differences are due to a different artstyle but otherwise he is the same.

Add the fact that they both got The samedi arms cut

Senpai, they literally have the same gigantic black collar coming up to their ears.

This level of delusion is beyond imaginable.

Wow, this is shameless.

Oh my. Saved. I knew Fairy Tail was bad but is it really that blatant?

No, this is.

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This shows how y'all are wrong

Imagine going in 2020 and thinking any of those are rip off.

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Luffy is literally a rival to Shanks. And Shanks has a son now too.
You're pathetic.

Luffy isn't a rival to shanks lmao. Luffy goal was to have a crew that was as good as shanks lol. Luffy looked up to shanks a lot as a role model

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it'a a rip-off

Most likely, considering that Mashima created a Jojo-character in Laguna.

Luffy did say that, but never said he was a rival. Luffy been saying for a long time since the beginning of the series that he wanted a crew as strong as shanks

The doffy one is a big stretch.

Well he's not going to beat Shanks with a crew weaker than him now will he

this, luffy specifically said that he didnt want to fight shanks and at this point he is basically goku super, just looking for stronger enemies even thought he couldn't defeat the last boss.

>koge, uses kage.
I hate that japs like name puns so much.

Kek, animanga is so fucking shit