I liked Revy

I liked Revy.

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I too but sadly, she's already been taken

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Who doesn't?
I'll fight them.
>tfw no dom Balalaika gf

Literally unwatchable

Is she dead?

Yeah, Corona got her.

She's a fun bitch.

>implying she wouldn't just shoot Corona

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Good thing it's just make-up.

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>no doujins where revy gets cucked by the nun CIA girl

I want it

I feel like a black lagoon live action would actually work pretty well. could have it be like john wick style as normie as john wick is now

Revy was cute for damaged goods

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I liked scar mommy

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>tfw no hardass mercenary gf to dominate me

Revy's definitely a sub, though. There's just no way a dog that barks that loudly is anything other than a blushing sub when push comes to shove.

Now if you want a REAL domme, Balalaika is best girl.

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you absolute pillock

its obviously john wwu style not john wick
akimbo pistols and retarded acrobatics is WU

john wick is just really well done fight scenes

She literally used to be a dominatrix

balalaika definetley takes the lead for sure

So are a lot of sub women who want to make a few extra bucks

>She will never roll her eyes when she sees your dick.

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there is no character i hate more than revy, she is insufferable

>Revy's definitely a sub, though.
Revy strikes me as the type who would avoid sex for months into the relationship. Then one night she'd get drunk and horny, and somehow, despite all your good romantic intentions, forty minutes later she'd have you punching and choking her while she screams "no daddy no" and squirts like a water fountain. Then she'd cry in the shower for two hours, and the next morning she'd just pretend none of it ever happened.

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This is very accurate -- no girl who fronts as a dom as hard as Revyis ever actually a dom in the sheets. The general rule is the harder a girl tries to convey an image of herself as a crazy badass rebel the harder she wants you to choke and rape her while she cries for her daddy.

Real doms are quietly competent and feel no need to assert themselves 24/7

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That's kinda hot but also sad

Revy is a classic and accurate depiction of your typical "I got raped in my developmental years and now I overcompensate and overcorrect by fostering an image of a bad bitch when really I'm just a fragile broken toy who fetishises the very thing that ruined her" girl. Every potential dom girl I've ever met who seemingly had an assertive, take-charge personality ultimately turned out to be just what you described when put under pressure.

this is why balalaika is best


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>ywn have her scarred thighs wrap around your head while burying your tongue in her snatch

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hah, erection jokes