From this

>From this.

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Ironic weebs, coomers.

Stop making these threads

it's actually quite good once you get past the first two-three eps.

actually a change from the usual netflix formula where a show begins well but gets shit

have sex

Right looks better. Too bad the animation is shit




>Right looks better

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This shitty show was in production then Netflix got involved
Netflix is not the chief who created the shit on your plate, they are only the waiter serving it to you.

To be fair Ilya's art is very nice

To this?!!

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>somehow made lain ugly

What do you like about it?

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Oh nooo, character that is supposed to move in inhuman ways moves in inhuman ways


Cope. Seethe. Dilate.


Somebody took the time to animate all of this and thought this is OK

How dare they sully stand alone complex like that

Just finished it, what the fuck did they do to my boy Togusa

Oh no

You mean from turd to polished turd?

Top kek

Looks way better than what the memetic slowed down webms would suggest, have I been tricked by Yas Forums again?

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>Oh nooo, character that is supposed to move in inhuman ways moves in stupid ways
Illyafags are pathetic

Why are they only shooting the ground though?

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>literally just throwing in a self-insert
For what purpose

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Who wouldn't if they had the chance?

watch the show dumdum
they tryna take him alive

he has above supercomputer level processing and is moving before they even shoot

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>Niggah: "Fuck, white people"

What the fuck did they do to him?!

I was genuinely asking.
>watch the show dumdum
Nope, I have better things to do.