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You think the BMP are enjoying the Beast Pirates' way of partying?

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I hope Flampe is getting turned into the Beast Pirate bicycle.

no, they all probably have a big oden face right now

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I can picture them sitting in a corner sipping tea.

I think their feet hurt. Why was the last thread deleted?

Does anyone remember this guys name?

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Who's Who, one of the Flying Six of the Animal Kingdom Pirates.

Alright so guys. Who is going to die in this war? Got any explanation to your answers?

Sounds like a mangapanda translation.

yep his name is Gong

I hope not, we just met him

>Who is going to die in this war?
Plenty of fodder characters
>Got any explanation to your answers?
Oda doesn't give a fuck about killing off scores of fodder characters

Now that the dust has settled and the full crew has finally been assembled, how do you guys feel about the official Straw Hat Pirates hierarchy?

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Will Luffy have cool HQ when he's a yonko or is he going to stay on the ship?

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What happened to him?

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did his part during whole cake, now daifuku is on the big stage

Joe and Jimbe cause they're snitches

Black Shadow

Probably freaking out Wano residents by being Oden's exact fucking doppelganger while having really fucking ironic powers

stay on the ship. did roger have a base of operations? if he did then luffy would probably do it to

Doesn't explain why the BM pirates didn't bring him to Wano.


someone gotta watch the home turf, no?

Anti-OP fags are starting shit up again and i guess the janitors got fed up

You don't leave your territory unprotected user, if they got clowned when big Mom was around they need to keep all the help they can.

>did roger have a base of operations
dunno, probably not, but I like the idea of the PK having control over the Pirate Island

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she is so cute bros...

Stay on the ship, no character has ever continued advancing once they settled down with a HQ


There's nothing cuter than floating futa Flampe

Yes, Who

The Pirate Kings territory is wherever he's currently standing


but to luffy that would be to much work. he doesnt want to be a great man just pirate king


I wanna fuck Flampe.


Very true. So let me ask another question. Will he have an HQ when he's the Pirate King?


he stayed behind at WCI, for the better, totto land is an actual country no even for protection, but just to run it in general. perospero is away and he is basically the prime minister so the more people stay at it the better

Iron Fist

>lewds of maria are starting to come in too

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Too based

>inb4 seething Yas Forumstards

Are Kiku/Carrot/Buffy/Big mom children posters the loop twitter fans of the one piece general?


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Nicee, share them.

>Usopp and Brook as weak as Zoro
Retarded list

Just the Sunny

Is this Bilgewater?

Luffy is so popular in Japan.He has more votes than all the rest combined

Luffy, 4208.
Zorro 1084
Nami 189
Usop 65
Sanj 338
Chopper 32
Robin, 112.
Frankie, 69.
Brook, 58.
Number of votes 6155 votes

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>inb4 seething Yas Forumstards
What do Yas Forumstards have to do with FI?

The what?

>anyone i don't like must come from twitter
kiku and carrot posting a some of the most Yas Forums things on here

Fishman are the niggers of op

Racism or something idk

i want to marry hancock, nami, perona, reiju, and bonney

i mean yeah, don't you love luffy?, he is a great protagonist

Dunno, I google searched "shipwreck city pirate"

>tfw my favorites are Franky and Brook

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>0 votes for furry
>0 votes for fishmen


you guys had one job

when was this taken? before or after WCI?

Hody is Yas Forums personified

Orochi called them strangers, right?

Now I gotta edit that guy in the corner of a party meme. Their feet hurt and they just wanna go home and eat sweets.

Who's Who

Who's On First?

>luffy is my favorite character because he's the mc

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I fixed your graph up. Removed the non-strawhat, moved several characters' "hierarchy" in the crew to their proper places, made up headcanon titles removed etc.

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I mean, in the west he is a little more popular than Zoro, sometimes even loses to him. In Japan, Luffy just stomps them all.

flampe and smoothie are definitely getting a train ran on them right now

this is probably the last time we'll se sulong carrot, at least until the final war, so will she start on her beast pirate outfit or her regular one?

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He's also the most voted character in /opg/

This /opg/ doesn't get to act contrarian now

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I hope she dies in battle

you faggots are garbage