Mato no slave

I fucking love Yachiho, bros

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What took you so long?

I hope you shown that love during the polls.

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Is anyone willing to make edits for the panels this Chapter

I gotta get some faps

Cool and cute

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This is really tense because they are all likeable.

bro ...

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I can't believe that Himari is dead!

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i can't take it

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She could have won easily if she were alone
Himari was holding her back

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Nice how they make reasonable scenarios for which she doesn't simply win instantly with her powers. I hope her sister improves to the point that she survives more than 5s in any fight she is involved though.

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So wait is she stripping, or does her power slough off her clothes or what?

First time she's not annoying shit.

Cut by the demons swing

She will probably copy the timestop ability next chapter

The problem is that the ability costs tons of stamina, and you need a lot of practice to make it count in 5s. She might as well copy Tenka's ability and nuke everyone including herself.

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Although she will certainly use one 5s time stop during the fight, they'll probably setup in a way that she will be face to face to the opponent, and possibly they use it together or in quick succession.

>despair, but also posing

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>demon girls lose
Why is this garbage

>demon girls win
>they kill the squad girls
>squad girls win
>they spare the demon girls

Nobody is gonna die

They deserve it though, they are going for the kill when their opponents were even open to dialog.

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>has extremely overpowered ability
>therefore has to face extremely overpowered enemies
it's a pity that you know that things are only going to go one way(gory) when she shows up

It won't get violent, they said.

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She has a lot of bad matchups. If she were fighting the last match she would instantly win against the demon girl but she would have no chance against the hard monster since no matter where she aims the bullets wouldn't really do a thing (except maybe if she shot it from his inside as well).

If only...

She's so fucking good

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>fucking kurumi
i dont mind to be honest

Just got done reading the latest chapter and damn was it boring.

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No one gun a dump?

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Rip nipples

Is Himari really so weak that she can't even dodge the current level of baddies or is the author purposely making her look bad because time stop is OP as fuck so he needs a way to nerf it? Himari looking way too weak and out of her league here.