The entire premise of this show is retarded. It’s a bunch of stupid slow giants...

The entire premise of this show is retarded. It’s a bunch of stupid slow giants. The perfect weaponry against them is traps and long range projectiles not close combat Spider-Man shit.

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What's the point of this thread OP? Nobody cares about your blogposting

You know if you watched the show before making a thread you would know that the wound needs to be extremely deep and done fast so they can't regenerate. And multiple times during the show they use traps to lure in or capture titans.

So how do you hit the nape if a titan facing you with an inaccurate cannon?

Just do bombs and explosions plus even romans had weaponry that can do what you’re asjing.

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okay so how do you hit the nape of a 10 metre tall titan facing you?

1 ww1 Artillery shell could literally explode the really giant titans head open.

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Be at a distance and have a lot of ballistae. They’ll pierce through its body, at least one’ll hit its nape.

If you had a shell of any kind it would hit everywhere including the nape.

You dont have to hit the nape, you need to OBLITERATE it

You need to0 cut extremely deep in a few meters in mere seconds or else it would regenerate. The slightest misfire would not work on it.

The point of the gear is to have a high mortality rate to discourage people from wanting to explore the outside world

And even that was better than what shit it became.

Who the fuck cares it's cool

Yes and that's a plot point much later in the series, but the world within the walls doesn't have that kind of technology

Mass firing validate that will literally go through the body isn’t deep enough? Lmao


Balistas that shoot blades to cut off the heads. They figuresd out canons, they can definitely shoot blades.

Why didn't they just build bigger walls?

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Then don't read it.

I get this is bait but the walls they had were doing the job just fine. The issue is when a giant fucking titan kicks a hole in it.

Ok yeah but think about how much money you just wasted to kill one. Don't forgot there's millions of these guys

I wonder why mosquitoes don't set traps to get humans?

They literally roofie you so don't feel anything until its over.

They need thicker walls.

>stupid slow giants

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>you aren't allowed to critique a series you read

They need metal walls.

ok, back to your moe then?

Dunno if you noticed, but titans are really fucking big and the nations outside the walls who are 100 years ahead in technology are finally developing weapons with enough firepower to take down titans

they dont they have anesthesia in their bites so we dont notice plus they're a major vector for diseases and are the deadliest animal to humans so thats the way they kill us

i feel like a large trap would be more effective than the spiderman gear shit especially if they're a fast moving target

It was just put there to be cool. The neck Achilles-heel plot point is just there to justify why people are doing dumb but impressive shit. Guns and ballistics are the single most potent weapon mankind has ever created, evidenced by the way it basically made every other weapon obsolete. But despite this, people still can’t create universes where people use guns/ artillery in a cool way.