Why is this getting so much praise?

why is this getting so much praise?

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for being animekino

so good

aniems bad art = kino

>why does a good show get so much praise?
Who knows user

it is fucking fantastic thats why.
China a best

Because blood tastes like iron.

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Yuasafags are a VERY vocal bunch, you just get the same few people telling you is the best thing ever 24/7.

because it's the third best anime ever made

Unionically AOTD

Did you watch it?


what are the first two

Well-written characters with good development.
Unique art style with good direction.
Great music.

It's trash. It doesn't even have any cute girls, must be the low t artfags who praise it.

The ending is so good.

It’s truly the thinking mans anime

Dunno either, the manga should have gotten all the praise instead of Yuasa's soulless adaptation.

because it's good
It's not even Yuasa's best work though

> filtered

"ugly artstyle == LEL KINO" for brainlets.

please don't say Tatami, Ping Pong is far and away his best

Kaiba is the greatest anime of all time

Admittedly, I haven't seen it, but I think Tatami is pretentious and I never use that word. Kaiba is on my backlog, I'll probably get around to it in quarantine

Lool bad drawings are kino. It's extremely overrated ugly fucking cancer.

Tatami Galaxy and Keep Your Hands off Eizouken are both better than Ping Pong

Don't mind me, just the best boy coming through

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It's just good. Every character has a great arc, and it has interesting themes that most sports anime ignore for cheery friendship fun.

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I can understand why some people like Tatami more, but Eizouken? That's just a shit tier opinion

Because it's excellent and realistic.

In the end, TALENT always wins and hard work amounts to nothing. The whole anime is about coping with your genetic mediocrity and learning to be a stepping stone for the chosen protagonists of the world. If you are born shit, you will always be shit. It's pure kino.

>Eizouken? That's just a shit tier opinion
It's the first thing Yuasa ever produced that doesn't look like it's drawn by a five-year-old with epilepsy. And it has way less pretense of "depth" than anything else he ever made.