Hunter x Hunter

Which Spider member deserve to die more than Paku?

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the edgelord Feitan


Post more sexy HxH girls.

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Already happened. Pick from the living members.

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Dalzonelle died first but whatever

Dude weed lmao

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Where do you think her Spider tattoo is?

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I bet Hisoka knows

Cheadle Hill

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After Tserriednich masters his hatsu, he will have become the strongest character in the series. Kurapika will fail to even scratch him.

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Daily reminder that bee slut is dead

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In her butt cheek.

Do you think this is gonna be the arc where Kurapika meets his end line Togashi said? Who do you think will kill him?

She's probably a virgin.

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She's way too old for Hisoka

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Cheadle Paladinknight

Machi is the only person Hisoka is actually sexually attracted to, with Gon and Killua he just has a battle boner and wants to kill them not fuck them.

Kurpika will die of Emperor Time, but Leorio will run into some Nanikas in the DC and wish him back.

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Explain the greed island scene where he was staring at their asses

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Is this a cope?
He clearly was checking out Gon's and Killua's butts

He was making sure they were developing a nice musculature to face them in the future.

Give us your deviant art page with the Hisoka Machi ships.

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Hisoka wishes he knew.

>Covering her new sexy smelly gross fish arms
Are you gay user?

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>user arguing about events from the manga
>only rebuttal is fan art
He wins, you lose.

why did togashi have to turn her into a monster

I bet Bisky treated Wing like her slave.

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