This is garbage

How dumb are jap boys? How the fuck is one piece still popular? And why is this shitty ass series considered good? are dragon Ball and Naruto really the only good shounen ever? bleach sucks ass too

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One piece is literally a dragon Ball rip off and my hero academia is Naruto but with superheroes. at least bleach is the more original one

>Takes place in Japan


kinda makes sense why bleach was canceled

bleach is just worse yu yu hakusho

>dragon ball and naruto

It's more popular in the US

>Heroes is good
for fujos

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it is written by a female.

From those pics one piece is more graphic

>dragon Ball and Naruto
You must be retarded.

>One piece is literally a dragon Ball rip off
kek, One Piece is at least a ten times more creative than dragon ball. It's as much a rip off of dragon ball as yu yu hakusho and HxH. It just takes some elements and improves on them but most of it is inspired by a variety of other series. only similarity is luffy and goku and even that is superficial.

>Naruto and Dragon Ball
Opinion discarded

How does Yas Forums do it? Even with all it's flaws it still manages to maintain a level of quality far above the other media boards.

no bleach doesnt suck pathetic troll

>are dragon Ball and Naruto really the only good shounen ever?

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No it's not.

Why does the thought of people enjoying other things live rent free in your heads?

holy cherry pick

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Bakugo and Mineta are garbage and they nerfed Todoroki, but besides that the show is solid.

You can't get better than AM vs OFA

>Dragon Ball contrarianism
What is even the point of this anymore? 10 years ago you could maybe say it's stupid mindless shit to a circle of edgy white boys and get a few nods, but by now I don't think anyone can deny it had genuine appeal unless they've only seen the SatAM version of the show.

Todoroki should've been the MC.

You're thinking FMA

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Bricks are more interesting than that zilch.

Good anime doesn't exist.

It's time to accept you're not 13 years old anymore and stop reading shounen

Stein's Gate

That's just hi-quality garbage.

>Someone actually made this