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cute tummy

it's a shame there is almost no good hentai of her

or doujinshis

absolute 10/10

Naruto could have gone for that ass and make Konoha an aryan place, but no, what a faggot

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kill yourself narutard


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the photoshop is awfull. :/

Remember when Naruto gave her a golden shower? Good stuff.

I don't, sometimes I forget she even existed outside of those very old hentai images.


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I have the theory that everything in the last was a fuck genjutsu to make Naruto love hinata. Especially because Naruto fight in the fuck space.

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Her attempt to cosplay Sasha Grey looks pitiful

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That piss looks awful Naruto should drink more water.

She was never this pale. Did Sai infect her with something?

Has there ever been a manga that driven an autistic shipper base so crazy that a well known doujin artist and NaruXSakufag got so mindfucked by the canon ship that he made endless stream of NTR shit with the main character.

he injected her some white ink if you know what I mean.

Wait, I thought sahara just liked that stuff. Have I been jacking off to the fruits of a seething shipper?


rumor is that he was absolutely seething when NaruXHina happened. Which is why he started doubling down with the Sakura stuff and then adding Salad to the harem.


I mean... wasn’t it? He went from not caring about her tall, to getting mind raped by ayylmao water which kept showing Hinata over and over again.

Spends too much time inside.

So he gets back at hinata by dehumanizing sakura?

>Sasuke chose pink shit over this

Ino is better waifu material than both Sakura and Hinata.