This is a top shounen manga

>This is a top shounen manga
wtf, when did japan suddenly get good taste

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Is this the next series that will make One Shitters cry after Kimetsu ends?

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this is probably gonna be the next ''normie anime'' when it gets adapted

Can't wait for black barred everything and cutting too gorey parts.

You do know that "normies" use the word "normie"
And yes it's a great manga but i seriously doubt any anime can be predicted to explode like kimetsu did - sure some anime will but predicting it is hard

Here's what's gonna go once they beat Doll Devill

>Makima : Good job Denji, as I expected of y-
>Denji : POWER ! DAIJOBU ?
>Makima staring at Denji going to Power instead of her
>Chapter ends

so what should i call them

normalfags again

what do you call yourself?

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Soon. It just needs an anime to outsell new One Piece volumes.

top of the trash heap isnt saying much

That's never happening. I think Chainsaw man is the new generations Jojo. Quirky manga with a handful of western influences, I can see it being more popular years after it's done than during it's run.

>Kimetards still trying to start shit over their insecurities

holy fuck. Go the fuck back, faggot.

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edgemaster mangaka delivers the edge nips like

It's garbage just like Yaiba, Academia, Clover and whatever other shit. It's a generational thing. Young faggots will disagree with this post.

Nah, it would have to run for too long, i can see it ending in 5+ more volumes at the least or 12 at the most

W-We aren't crying

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pointless thread, you're not even talking about CSM

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that's just when part two starring denji and power's son will start


Sorry guys but Fujimoto is not going to make a manga with +200 chapters for normalfags to wank off. I see the manga ending before 150 chapters and that's a good things, after all Fuji himself said that he enjoys doing oneshots more.

Stop replying to this thread

no, not much fujo material in this

>You do know that "normies" use the word "normie"
Dumb logic. The absolute state of Yas Forums

The heart

I can't imagine the inevitable anime adapting this well at all

I think it is unlikely nips will buy it as much as kimetsu or op desu

>This will get an anime before Fire Punch

I don't want to LIVE in this timeline.

I don't even read manga and I'm caught up on this shit

>wtf, when did japan suddenly get good taste
They've always had better taste than here.