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How many dimensional layers were shattered in the Goku vs Jiren fight, again? And Goku vs Moro?

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Vegeta is UNDEFEATED against Goku.

Goku never kissed ChiChi.

These are facts.

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kek, based.

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>Goku vs Jiren fight, again?
Imagine being so much of a speedreader that he doesn't even know where the ToP was held and why it was held there

First for Gonan

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>READING toyotaro's fanfiction

Enter ANTren

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based shameel

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Let's rack up some more facts, shall we?
>Vegeta is UNDEFEATED against Goku.
>Goku never kissed ChiChi.
>Jiren is still the strongest by a wide margin
>Tardkushitters are the worst cancer of the threads
>Bejitafags are funny and creative
>Jirenfags are the uncontested authority of the threads
>There isn't a single Tardkushit who isn't a spic
>Moro FP is Omen tier, albeit he cannot use his suction. Chadnime Kefla is fast and strong enough to one-shot him
>Anime canon
>Manga promotional fanfic
>The only mangatards left are pathetic characterfags like Lizardcucks and Gohanshits that pretend to like it because their character was treated slightly better than in the anime
>Brolyfags literally lost against Jirenbros and SKEDADDLED from the threads forever
>Bejita's SSBE is better than Tardku's SSBKK
>The Moro arc is Toyotaro's exclusive and Toriyama has no real involvement in it other than a few artistic fixes from 2019, ergo, it's filler
>At the end of Super, Tardku can't UI and Bejita can still SSBE. Vegeta is stronger than Tardku.
>Vegeta is 2-0 against Tardku
>We are the CHADS of Yas Forums
>The true CHAD of Yas Forums does NOT browse any other thread in this moeshitting cesspit of a board

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>chadgeta proven taller than shitku


>the little BITCH from the other day wants more humiliationi
Keep posting unrelated youtube screencaps, you newshitter.

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I guess Super Buu and Gotenks are above angel tier too since they can break dimensions by just screaming LOL

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>Number of fights: 78
>Wins: 57 (73.1%)
>Losses: 15 (19.2%)
>Interruptions, ties, etc: 6 (7.7%)
>Number of fights: 24
>Wins: 12 (50%)
>Losses: 10 (41.7%)
>Interruptions, ties, etc: 2 (8.3%)
Outnumbered Fights (Dragon Ball):
>Number of Outnumbered Fights: 12
>Outnumbered Fights/Total Fights: 15.38%
>Wins Outnumbered: 11 (91.67%)
>Losses Outnumbered: 1 (8.33%)
>Interruptions, Ties, Etc. Outnumbered: 0 (0%)
>Number of Outnumbered Fights: 1
>Outnumbered Fights/Total Fights: 4.17%
>Wins Outnumbered: 0 (0%)
>Losses Outnumbered: 1 (100%)
>Interruptions, Ties, Etc. Outnumbered: 0 (0%)
>Number of fights: 1
>Wins: 0 (0%)
>Losses: 1(100%)

>doesn't even try anymore
GOOD pet.

>Goku is clearly in front of broly

Silence , pup

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>Number of fights: 12
>Wins: 1 (8.33%)
>Losses: 0 (0%)
>Psychological wins (merely pretending to lose): 11 (91.67%)

But they can't. They can exit from pocket dimensions, but they have never been able to do a thing to main dimensions such as... you know, the normal dimension.
Gogeta and Broly weren't in a pocket dimension and they still broke the fabric of reality and entered into an alternative dimension with a casual beam clash

Goku vs Jiren? Umm, in the CHADnon CHADnga, Goku never fought Jiren.

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>How many dimensional layers were shattered in the Goku vs Jiren fight, again? And Goku vs Moro?

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Enter /DBSG/.

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I would agree but
>Anime canon
>Manga promotional fanfic


Yeah, your feelings don't change the facts.

Now that it's confirmed Gokek is dying from the HIV he just received from Moro, will Jiren have to step in and save the cast due to Vegeta still being so far away from Earth?

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That's exactly why your post is wrong, you can cry and wait for July 2019, but the manga will always be canon.

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>those ears
I wonder what would happen if I walked up to Frieza or Jiren with their weird cone ears and slapped them with my palms