I'm not insane in thinking this show has a pretty socialist-leaning/anti-right libertarian message right? Is the manga the same? I know it's different but I've only seen the show.

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>I'm not insane
Probably not, but unhealthily sensitized.
This can easily lead to something akin to insanity if you retreat into an echo chamber and refuse to consume media that doesn't perfectly reflect your ideology.

Now I am going way too far in my assessment of you. You didn't actually imply any allergic reaction to the show. So I must apologize. Even if it's just a warning, it's not a friendly one.

Ignore El Tanikan shitskin terrorists, praise based Werner Locksmith.

Not at all

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Its by the same guy who did vinland saga, he is a male feminist,so no surprize there.
Lmao the Akame ga Kill and Shiki pozitions are so fucking accurate.

Can confirm gatchaman fits too

>I'm not insane in thinking this show has a pretty socialist-leaning/anti-right libertarian message right?
I'm the wrong person to ask. I tried watching this show but it just wasn't my cup of tea. I'm a sucker for anything sci-fi or something that blends sci-fi elements into it.

I think you'd have to be a really real-type person to appreciate the training that astronauts go through. In an anime no less!

Can't give me the benefit of the doubt? I think you're jumping to conclusions about me, I'm right libertarian irl but I loved the show anyway. Was going to ask if any other shows had political messages that leaned left since Japan rarely if ever steps away from their centre-right lens but I decided against putting it in OP cause I feared attracting Yas Forumsfags, so I settled with just starting a thread on Planetes.

It shows that your viewpoints are just knee-jerk reactions..

>>Can't give me the benefit of the doubt?
I apologize again.

You should also fear it because it'll get deleted for being a rec thread

How'd you make that conclusion, knee-jerk reaction too?

Nigga I don't give a shit about politics, all I know is that the manga is based

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Gate unironically borders on Hitler-esque and it's fucking hysterical seeing such a thing through a lowbrow isekai lens.

The failure of state planning in Sakura Quest was shockingly satisfying.

gatchaman was so prescient. no other piece of media better predicted how social media would impact discourse in the real world

Moot is a fucking faggot.

It does criticize this Randian idea that the great man is not beholden to the issues of the lesser ones. I also thought there was a lot of stock in the idea that the people were leaving the earth behind, despite things there being extremely bad still.
It's also a criticism of utopian science fiction, in that just because we can all go to space now, things aren't any better at home.

It's relatively anti-capitalist.

>no other piece of media better predicted how social media would impact discourse in the real world
Metal Gear Solid 2 did it first.
Crowds was made during a time where all this was brewing but hadn't boiled over yet. It's from 2013.

While I appreciate the Shiki meme, many of these things are misplaced.
C is relatively leftist. Boku Hero is top right material, like most superhero media. Nadia is more radical than that.
Crowds is probably more left than right as well.
How is One Piece ancap, exactly? Pirates violate the NAP all the time.

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sounds interesting are you talking about the original Gatchaman? I've never seen any of them not sure where to start

No, crowds. First one is about dealing with trolls, second is groupthink on social media

thats cool will definitely check that out thanks fren

I disagree that C is leftist, it's primarily concerned with the government's overuse of debt to stimulate the economy. Were I to remake the chart today, though, I might put NGNL in its place.
I think you overestimate how far right a superhero story must be. Boku no Hero is certainly interested in the rule of law, but it's not particularly far right economically, and it isn't nearly as authoritarian as something like Gate
You could be right on Nadia, it's been a while since I put this together, I don't quite recall how I decided which was further left between it and Planetes.
Crowds never disparages capitalism, and one of its main characters is a very wealthy entrepreneur. Ultimately, though, the show's focus isn't particularly economic so I wouldn't be opposed to moving it left if I didn't think Jellyfish Princess fit better.
Being deep into the bottom right doesn't necessarily require a belief in the NAP, just that society would be at its best with total freedom personally and economically. Luffy's central maxim, that the Pirate King is defined as the freest person in the ocean fits that well. Even if we must have an NAP, however, I think it's still acceptable as the Strawhats regularly fight back against the government and other pirates for perceived agressions against innocents.

>2 of my favorite shows on there

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When the Nips consume too much meat and sake, their ethnic nationalistic tendencies surface. It's hilarious and I love it

Me too. Planetes can be a rough slog for the first 6 or 8 episodes, but it gets much better once the main plotline kicks in. There's too many unsuccessful attempts at "wacky" humor before that (the moon ninjas are terrible but they make up for it in one scene in the final montage).

If BNHA is authoritarian right, then why is it so cucked?

This is a truly retarded post

>politics thread on Yas Forums
Nice job mods

Because the authoritarian right are cucks

sounds like you're trying to project your own political ideology onto it