Yas Forums collab manda thread continuation 2

"VIRAL!" We already have the settings, characters and more or less plot. We can start now with the one-shot/chapter 1

>previus threads
First chapter story:

Character sheets:
Heli: docs.google.com/document/d/1TLY1gu_rRNTURMbrkrbTzQjjIN8-sPKEfu6kM_L9HSE/edit
Legs: docs.google.com/document/d/1Txf-U-7lfX7qgu3NoC54LnPNst3GuvxpZGqNOwJk5_o/edit
Pompadour: docs.google.com/document/d/1TZHAKsnsWc9Y5_lB8ZlDZhPmXiZCJFtpzk6rzn23wO0/edit

World builiding:
Purgers design and organization:
Manga sketches:
Other Images:

Main doc:

Open Milestones:
O Writing down about 3 possible versions of the first chapter
O Let the everyone vote about it in the strawpoll
O Cleaning up the main doc and removing/archiving unnecessary images.

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he should have an interesting job that allow's them to get into conflicts.

Maybe he's a muscle for hire, he was protecting the food truck but they were about to fuck him up with less pay.

They get a job to guard a plot device and Heli-chan joins him. the job was actually a set-up and the anti-infected were supposed to get it. but pompadour comes to accidentally save the day.

I made a shitty pomp drawing

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Some quality art from last thread

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anchoring my fist chapter proposal

How about we bring back Heli-chan being the immune? The non-infected/plague doctors are the only ones knowing this and hunt her down.
Legs sense that something is wrong and protect her.

Drafts of the purgers

Can someone from the last thread write a short story synopsis?

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I'd add this too

This is how the anti-infected can actively have eyes on the two heroes. Maybe Heli lets one escape or they dont kill any of them at all.

No, have the conflict be that his employer left out some information when hiring him. Either he refuses to work for whoever he found out is paying him or the job is way too dangerous for the pay he agreed to.

what a shitty OP, learn to use your meme arrows
and don't make it look like a general either

She should black out after they fall thorugh the roof. After than Legs helps her..

Post them into the google docs, the editors will consult everything and put up strawpolls later on.

So we should have it as an established trait that Legs avoids sticking his neck out for the sake of preservation. It would be a nice contrast to Heli who I imagine may be on the impulsive side of good.

Put an infopic in OP if possible, makes people more aware of our currento possition

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We should be carefull to make it not look like a general, but then again mods allow Yas Forums sings and other threads like that to remain up. Also they haven't removed any threads yet so we might be in the clear.


good original content, can't wait to help

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Also drawfags, it seems like this is the chapter we are going to go with, so you can start drawing the pages

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What are the mc character traits?
is he a fag?

One thing I notice that I haven't seen elaborated on is what exactly the setting is. I can't get a good feel for what the "slums" are.

The mc is a girl though.

I think we need a strawpoll to decide whether or not this manga is yuri

L.A. post-corona

>legs do shady jobs for money
>usually mundane things like stealing or debt collecting
>one day he's told the job is to kidnap a girl
>said girl is Heli-chan

we haven't voted I thought the editors were waiting for a 3rd proposal to make the straw.

I do like that one tho.

Urban, deserted and poor but not the smelly favelas yet

yes, specifically because those threads don't look like generals. that's all it is.
"2, "edition", "continuation" and such will get the thread nuked.

She'll remain a central character no matter what but if the people are against her being the main character they can change it

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There's an ! in the title. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that's a forbidden love indicator.

That is usually the case. We need the female potential love interest for the female MC

Mods have mercy

If anyone has a better idea sure, if not I think that's a good chapter and having the first one done may get the ball rolling so why not start right away

It has been established that all three of them are the MCs though

>We need the female potential love interest for the female MC
make it a milf/christmas cake. age difference yuri is the best.

I'm retarded

i like the idea that legs does shady stuff and maybe the reason he followed heli is because the vendor is legs' friend and he wouldnt want his friend to be stolen from (showing a good side to someone with a shady job) but i wouldnt want heli to be super special MC
their meeting in the first chapter doc is just coincidental
we still dont have an overarcing story per se (i think)

All characters are main, just some characters are more main than others

IDK I rarely see serious female mc in manga that are not fanserviced into oblivion.

Legs is pretty old, did he have a family before the virus hit?

>overarching story
Heli has the cure to the disease in her blood and is being hunted by an evil corporation who want to harvest her blood and sell the cute for profit or only offer it to the wealthy elite. Something like that

I wanna see this series on mangafox

why do redditors feel like we need to work on projects or some shit? We're here to discuss anime and manga make make our own fanfiction garbage?

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Is the setting in any of the docs? I didn't see it and it's important

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>All characters are main, just some characters are more main than others
What if we make Heli more mature and tough then?
It seems unrealistic that she would have that cute hair and outfit in a post apocaliptic hell scape.

Stock image I found and tried to clean up, market maybe?

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Fine, whatever. I'll throw something together.

>page 1
intro page

>page 2
jump immediately to the deal gone bad between the delivery guys and Legs

>page 3
Heli-chan grabs a box/bag/whatever of food and runs while they're distracted

>page 4 (+5, or however many the artist feels are needed)
Short chase scene where Legs goes after her, but she tries to fly away

>page 5
Legs corners her and they exchange words

>page 6
Legs takes the food back from her (and maybe leaves her something) and starts headed back to the truck

>page 7
Legs gets back to the truck to see it's under attack by Pompador

>page 8
Chapter ends on a cliffhanger page where Legs and Pompador are about to throw down

There. A third pitch that follows a similar format, but with a more immediate opening, heavier emphasis on Legs, and an appearance by the third main character. If you need three for a vote, you now have three.

It's faggy, I know, but I honestly would want to read a manga put together on Yas Forums

Thats why none of this feels like it has the identity of Yas Forums

>being this new

>redditors are the only people that can work on projects

Dumb newshit.

Something a bit like It's not the typical super-special shounen MC, but it still make the MC unique without giving her too much power.
Perhaps he had a family and daughter before, they got corona'd and he protect Heli because he see his daughter in her or something like that.

I doubt anons would like that

We were the bad guys all along

did you do the imouto OCs a few months back