My Hero Academia

>mfw getting eaten by a female Nomu

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>mfw getting balls slapped by a female Nomu

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>mfw being picked up like an action figure and inserted into a female Nomu

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pic related

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His boner

this too


>Twice? Why is he calling? How did even get my number?

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>Deku you gotta help me man... Toga is-*SHCKRGHKRTTTTT*

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>female nomu
Be a bit more openminded

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>...Twice? What's going on? What happened to Himiko Toga-san?

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>Something's wrong, I have to go find out!

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>Don't worry, I'm coming!
BGM: Villains Attack.mp3

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>AHH! To-Toga...-san?

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(Six minutes, Slim Shady, you're on)

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W-what happened, Deku-kun?

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>Izuku-KUN! AH~! AH~! How nice-AH~! Of you to AH~! AH AH AH~! Finally show up... AH~!

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>Get out of here, Deku
BGM: Enemy Strike.mp3

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>Why? Why Is Miruko-san raping Toga? Why is she acting like a villain? What is happening here? Where is All Might? Where are the other Heroes?
BGM: Enemy Strike.mp3

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>Toga... it appears... that we... were powerless after all
>Geimu Ooba da! Kuso ga!

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I really hate this series

It's not your life to take brat.

>Miruko? So it's done. Got it

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"Arrive, the world."

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Yet there would be fujos who think you just can't see it because you are triggered by it
That is your logic.
The only reason someone doesn't think your ship is canon has to be seething.

In truth it isn't making you seethe right? You just don't think it is canon.

Yes, but people are in denial


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he has gotten worse


Why? Are the female Nomus hot or something? I haven’t caught up.


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>Sasenai, Oyaji!

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It really do be like that sometimes

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Remember when Nomu was a serious threat?


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>he actually drew this
-10 for futashit but still kek

>implying they aren't


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