Kill La Kill >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Gurren Lagann

Kill La Kill >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Gurren Lagann

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>ITT: Retarded opinions

keep crying bitch

this is one of the least emotionally invested I've ever been in any show I've watched

when did Kill la Kill have a fight with giant robots in space blasting galaxies at each other? exactly.

good show but the only thing in which KLK is better than TTGL is hentai

There's no justifiable argument for anyone to assert that KLK is better. You're either a brainlet or baiting, either scenario means you're a fucking retard

both mediocre

Yup, Only good character in gurren lagann is nia. Simon is shit

I'm not the biggest fan of TTGL's 2nd part.

it is, doesn't mean it's very good tho and the only brainlet here is you

I watched kill la kill first then i watched TTGL, i think that's why i like kill la kill the most

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this isn't how you make a bait thread on Yas Forums retard, it works on reddit but not here.
i swear you newshits are so fucking uninspired, you can't even shitpost properly.
fuck off.

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I respect your opinion but i don't agree with it

>le bait
>calls other redditors

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because you are, i recommend you to go to Yas Forums and stay there forever or just simply kill yourself.

Why would I do that while there's a cute self unware mouthbreather in my thread being a clown? Please keep going such retardation like yours is something I don't see everyday


I prefer Kill la kill because it suits my tastes more than TTGL but I think TTGL is a better made anime


KLK makes my dick harder obviously but Gurren Lagann is way better in the non-fapbait aspects of the show.
I really like both shows but TTGL is better.

I liked the characters better


TTGL has a warped sense of morality that promotes reckless progress at any cost. Rossiu did nothing wrong.

Agree, KLK is good in my book but not on top of Gurren

Based and true

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>TTGL has a warped sense of morality that promotes reckless progress at any cost
I take it you didn't pay attention to the show at ll

>something I don't see everyday
not surprising, you're fresh off the boat from reddit.
of course you idiot don't understand Yas Forums's culture.

>muh Yas Forumseee
>muh Yas Forums culture
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You reek of a newfag trying to fit in

t. limp wristed beta male who lives on the sidelines

They literally tell rossiu that he did nothing wrong

In other news, water is wet.

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lurk for 2 more years before you post

did i hit your nerve kid?

You should really be asking your self that when op made this thread.

>n-no u

Not an argument

>he thinks this is an argument
sasuga retard

Not an argument, try again

I genuinely enjoyed both and appreciate the effort that was put into both series
Now, instead of talking about OP’s poorly made attempt at bait, let’s talk about our favorite parts of both shows

TTGL reunite all the cringe you can find on Anime. The story is not interesting and the characters are boring.

It's literally about how both people who "pierce the heavens" and people who "create the ceiling" are both necessary to a functioning world.