Shadow House 47

Did I miss a thread? Shadows House Chapter 47 is out.

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Is Kate supposed to refer to herself in first person now that she's an adult?

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Kate-sama, suggoi.

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She started referring to herself in first person in internal monologue back in chapter 24. She's different from the other Shadows in this regard.
Thanks for the dump.

I feel sinful.

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She hates it...

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>Shadow House was a mistake
Can Kate even survive outside of it? I wonder if Living Shadows need it to maintain their form in some way. I guess there's nothing that really indicates that they need it, but I bet the regular humans won't be too happy about it.

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In case the translator happens to stop by

"disregarding cleaning with give birth"
should be
"disregarding cleaning will give birth"

I thought there would be a pee scene but I guess this is fine too.

Thank you to the user who translated this. I've been greatly enjoying Shadows House.

That's extra sinful.

My forcefeeding fetish thanks you and the author.

A shame it's not read more, the characters are great and it's really well drawn., just need more worldbuilding Looking forward to the next chapter

Thanks translator! It's nice to see this interesting manga get more exposure

So there wasn't a thread from the TL earlier this time? Don't see anything in the archives.

Is this porn?

Porn of cute girls doing cute things, sometimes unsettling.


There wasn't, could be because TL user was out for a month

Good job Emilyko

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I don't remember, do shadows bathe?

Don't think it's happened on panel, but she's mentioned it.

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>Anime was a mistake

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