What's your favorite manga

Mine is Onani Master Kurosawa. I haven't read this manga in 12 fucking years, back on onemanga, but in re-reading it, it still holds up.
The art is outstanding, the story has good pacing and doesn't drag it's feet, all in all, you guys should read the coombrain manga that started it all

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Firepunch is really good too. What a wild ride

doesnt he get cucked by his friend with the afro

>The art is outstanding
It fits the story and has a soul to it but let's not kid ourselves, it is kinda shitty

He gets the better girl at the end so it all evens out

I will never be not angry

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I wouldn't really say so, since they were never dating and she had no romantic interest in him.

I think it's objectively good in it's anatomy, though I can see why people would dislike it as well. Subjectively, I would say the art is outstanding

When I was a teenager with maybe 300 manga completed It was my favorite manga, but now that I've read over 3,000 I see now it's actually still good

YKK easily. The somber SoL setting is just something else. I try to reread it once a year.

Favorite on going manga is Made in Abyss however.

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what all do you like about YKK? Just the setting?

The best of the Big 3.

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its not cuck, he was being a bestest bro

One Piece

mostly because I have been reading it since 2009 and it never lost quality in regards to how my taste changed unlike many other stuff.

The art in Bleach is so great, even as it changes to the later volumes, it still looks outstanding


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>since 2009
It's time to move on from your gateway manga.

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Kurosawa never:
>Raises another man's kid
>loses a girl he was dating
>loses a girl who was romantically interested in him

It is bad. It has cheating whore as the love interest for the mc. Plus it shit on Gundam Seed which is actually good

is this molester man?

I respect your taste, but you're a fucking faggot for unironically using the word coombrain to describe it.

>it has cheating whore as the love interest
user that is real life, its fucking realistic and I would shit in any gundam series

times have changed man, if people were to read it now, "coombrain" and "ntr/cuck" would plague the threads. Maturity is at an all time low these days

no im not a molester

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Everything if I'm going to be that blunt. I find every single character interesting and compelling, the art is great (especially the landscape shots), the world building while lacking exposure is handled nicely, I like that there's minimal expostion in fact making rereading it make you find all the more details etc

But the somber and depressing yet beautiful feel you get from reading it is something I have never experienced since I first read it over a decade ago.

i actually ended dropping every manga that I started before one piece

but I still think it's fucking kino even while reading other stuff they never reach the same level of enjoyment and attachment i have to one piece.

>It has cheating whore as the love interest for the mc
it doesn't though?

Coombrain had no right to get as much traction as it did. It's fucking pathetic.

Absolutely, same goes for most of the buzzwords floating around. I think the only one with a worse ring than it is "soi boi"

I haven't thought about the series in a long time but it's the first thing that came to mind

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this has been on my backlog for a while, what do you like about it? Is it worth reading?

Great taste, I only read it recently but it's up there as well for me.

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He lost a girl HE was romanitcally interested in. Did you even read the manga?

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Yeah, I did. I just reread it before making the thread. What the fuck do you think cuck means?

Jujutsu kaisen is improving with each chapter that comes out. Really have been loving the fights and world building gege does.

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IRL that kansai girl cheated on molester man

So, how exactly does it make him a cuck?

He got cucked out of his love interest. What's so hard to understand about that? Are you saying it doesn't count because he never had a chance or something? It's still cuckshit

Jujutsu is a lot of fun and the artstyle is really great, but I wish they didn't make gouji, I believe his name is, so ridiculously pivotal

Terrible normalfag-pandering trash.
Fuck MC. Fuck everyone in the school.
Kitahara did nothing wrong and MC was a punk for betraying her.

Reddit the Manga.

There's another guy literally fucking the girl he likes

It was completely one-sided. You can't be cucked out of onesided love.

>The art in Bleach is so great
It's average. It's hideous in the later parts.

Franken Fran is not perfect, but it's the manga I love the most

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Yes you can when you're cucked by some ugly ass afro-haired fatty.

Well, what art do you like?

Sure, faggot. Enjoy your netorare garbage

>Yes you can when you're cucked by some ugly ass afro-haired fatty.
>when you're cucked by some ugly ass afro-haired fatty.
But if it was a chad it wouldn't be getting cucked? How flimsy is the definition for you?

Why do self inserters take NTR so personally?

This. I'm in love with Jujutsu right now.

why do people self insert to Kurosawa anyways?

MC didn't deserve her.