After finally listening to another user about watching this series, why is the first episode so weird from the rest...

After finally listening to another user about watching this series, why is the first episode so weird from the rest? Tenchi is a hotblooded troublemaker here. If I didn't know any better after the fact, I would assume Tenchi-muyo is Yu Yu Hakusho like series, but with lightsabers and onmyōji.

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It became a harem but the OVA series does a good job balancing the fighting and the SoL.

Ryoko is best girl and Tenchi should have chosen only her. Fuck harem ends.

Shut your whore mouth when you post Ryoko

Literally the perfect size tits. Washu best girl

ova 1/2
and movies 1 and 3
are really good

tokyo and war on geminar were ok

everything else is terrible

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Just finished the Kagato arc, and now it's slowed down again back to slice of life genre again. When does it actually start picking up?

it doesn't. ova 3 hits the breaks
ova 4 is literally composed entirely of still images of people talking
ova 5 is so bad the japs won't even rip copies for us

Ugly hair.

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I heard Ryoko can take her hands off and require proof of this

Drop it there and move onto Tenchi universe

>ova 4 is literally composed entirely of still images of people talking
>ova 5 is so bad the japs won't even rip copies for us
Not like it matters. Kajishima makes it literally mandatory to learn japanese so you can read all of his Light Novels. The OVAs are little more than glorified commercials.

There's a little bit of action at the end of OVA 2, but OVA 3 and 4 don't really have anything that can be called a fight scene.
OVA 5 is going to have Tenchi fuck up some space pirates in the next episode.

If you want fights, I recommend Universe or Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari.

Tenchi in Tokyo would have been much better without the harem.
>Monster (Yokai) of the week episodes.
>Have Ryoko as the Tsundere demon girl that that serves as his token evil team mate.

So going by the thread it seems OVA 1 and maybe 2, then Universe is the best way to go. What subs/rips are the best?

I don't really agree with that. The lengthy eps of slice of life drag on and even the serious stuff isn't quite gripping enough. It's not particularly funny or well written.

Tenchi has a certain pleasing aesthetic and charm to it, but the actual content wears those aspects too thin for its own good. There's also quite a few interesting elements, but they also aren't delved into in a very interesting way.

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For just that, I actually recommend you go with the dub.
And if you decide you enjoy Kajishima's worldbuilding, give the spinoffs a watch, then OVAs 3-5.

I miss the confy threads back when Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari was being released.

Also, every girl is best girl.

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Man this is a catchy song.

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>catchy song
Yes, yes, that's ... totally the reason why I watch this opening.

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Tenchi muyo is the weirdest of all anime.
I remember oldfags online in the late 90s and early 2000s endlessly waxing on about how epic and groundbreaking tenchi muyo is.
Then when I actually got to watch it years later it turned out to be oddly unremarkable, tonally inconsistent and downright boring.
It's one of those shows you should be aware of if you like anime but not necessarily have seen. Especially since whatever version of it your mind cooks up while reading reviews and synopsis is probably more entertaining than the real thing. The trivia that tenchi knocked up every single female, including the space ship and the little girl is pretty funny, since he's so bland and boring in the show, like a weirdo spaced out asexual charlie brown with better luck but not someone who actively tries to initiate sex with a billion girls.

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Her being ryokos mom and looking like a kid made me never see her as a sexual creature when I watched the anime for the first time, because I was super duper vanilla back then. Even though I've graduated from vanilla tastes she still doesnt register on the erotic scale for me. Its so weird.

Anyone else here that actually liked Tenchi Muyo for the slice of life and the world building ?
I actually enjoyed the latest OVA episodes.

I guess that's because I don't really expect a lot of action, since Tenchi would pretty much stomp any opposition.

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>I'll be happy to bear a child with you Tenchi, if the child is yours...

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The SOL parts are the highlights. Don't wish back the action too soon.

Remember the magical girl spinoff?

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What a fag.

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I remember that the OVA opening and transformation had nudity.

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So who didnt fuck tenchi?

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Goddamn, Fuku might be Kajishima's best design.

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As far as people living under his roof?
Tokimi, as far as we know.