Bakarina? Bakarina!

Bakarina? Bakarina!
Let's continue the party!

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How can the manga translation be this slow yet still be so bad?

New "translated" chapter is out, at any rate.

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Very fine anal girl.

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I think the new translator is actually better. At least they have less typos.

The old translation was never this bad.

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It's like they have no idea which character is meant to be speaking.

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Wife (male)

I wish that cupcake was my dick.

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Meanwhile in the Nip threads, they are have having multiple existential crises...

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Katria is my favourite character

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That's troubling.はめ
i love the Nips, do they have a permanent archive

So what will the publisher bankroll next?

>katarina: wild monkey
>maria: shining lesbian
>shining as in the movie
why do the Nips associate her with being an axe murderer

and what are the nicknames for the other characters


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Wouldn't be surprised if we see this (also Ichijinsha, but no novel translation)

Personally I'd just like to see an OVA for the spinoff, though.


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She's going beyond normal stupidity.

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>people say this is for girls
>nice big tiddies everywhere

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>big titties aren't for girls
You don't even know how wrong you are

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scary mary

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I thought I was high for a moment when I tried to read this chapter

Didn't you know? Girls in Japan love big titties.

Literally me

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whats she saying

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I read it. This chapter was specially awful.

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>the guys' backgrounds in the ED represent the elements of their magic
how slowpoke am I?

>serious dick
This caught me by surprise.

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What the fuck is even going on in this panel

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The only outcome for this story is an orgy with all guys and girls involved anyway lead by Bakarina.

>his name is Serious Dick
Every time I think I've heard the worst anime name ever, nihon surpasses my expectations.

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I bet you didn't even realize that it was Geovanni who sang the ED.


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Why doesn't big Katarina have the scar on her forehead?

stats but i dont know the categories are

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Girls with scars are too sexy.

So what's the point of the alternate manga? I mean, yeah, she has less than a year to reverse her bad end flags but she's already managed to work her magic on two of the characters plus one that's not even in the main work.

Reading Japanese threads gives me brain damage and existential angst as well...

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Dealing with Keith and her family will make or break the manga. That's where the true challenge was always going to be.

Sirius as well, maybe.

Sorry user, but the baka's already taken.

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Bakarina's charisma's off the charts.

>blood on sheets

You want to put WHAT on my forehead?

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Fuck Maria.

don't mind if I do

im gay for Maria

Can Yas Forums save the Bakarina manga translation like they saved Mia-sama? Is it even worth it at this point?

Is that Geodude? He may be about to die at everyone else’s hands but that smug smile says it all.

>she sees your farm

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What did she get in the letter?

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Is this the face of a villainess?

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It's like the translator didn't actually look at the chapter itself and instead had everything in it transcribed and translated off of that instead. Also, it looks like the translator hasn't ever actually read any of this series before so they don't even know who all the characters are. So I guess they think this "Campbell" character's a dude.

This translation's pretty great. It's so shit but you can't immediately tell that it's shit just from first glance. And it's clearly not a meme translation.

I was confused from the very first page when Katarina called Raphael 'the lowest of the low'. Like, what the fuck

ur a faget

This is the face of an awful, cruel, evil villainess who deserves to be exiled and/or killed.

nip nicknames:
Catarina - Wild Monkey
Geordo - shady
Keith - step-brother
Mary - green-thumb lesbian
Alan - BGM
Sofia - white lesbian
Nicol - Nii-san
Maria - shining lesbian
stuco president - corporate slave
maid - gravity maid

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>has a farming CM
>toy snake promotional material
>actual Fortune Lovers game in the BDs
The marketing for this show is utterly hilarious.

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>has to take a shit after eating sweets
>eats maria's muffins off the ground
>next scene starts with her carrying a giant bag of fertilizer

at least she's efficient

seems bakarina is as charming as nicol but in a different way

Sorry, didn't mean to reply to

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i love it but why is maria associated with the shining

and why is anne the gravity maid

>maid - gravity maid

The translator is different from the previous chapters. And awful.

what is it about women smoking that long pipe that i love so much

Because she uses light magic so she's shining.