Weekend Waifu Drawthread

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dropbox.com/s/pz6jrpbz8y1oj7m/Ice Cream.png?dl=0

Requesting Bianca sleeping in a Dodo Airlines shirt and pyjama shorts: catbox.moe/c/ld4wzv

Or Bianca using hair ties on my SI, who basically now has a helmet of hair, to give him matching hair wings. The girlier the hair ties, the better. (SI): catbox.moe/c/68ib81

Or Bianca eating a Big Mick burger. From McDowell's. Everyone loves McDowell's: files.catbox.moe/rgfk6a.jpg

Or Bianca as a samurai: youtube.com/watch?v=AMY0ryspqQ8

Or Moeka (), Miia (), and Bianca looking at something with surprise and confusion like this: i.imgur.com/dBzzzaF.jpg Moeka has the toast, Miia the curry, and Bianca the ramen.

Thank you and have an relaxed weekend!

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Additional Amu Hinamori references:imgur.com/a/L27oLmS

-Her hugging a plushie of herself, or one of her Charas.
-Covering her face in embarassment
-In honor of the new remake, wearing the Tokyo Mew Mew waitress outfit with Amulet Clover's hairstyle
-Showing off her clean nails and toenails from a manicure and pedicure. Preferably no nail paint.
-Any art of her in her Joker outfit. Maybe something April Fool's related

Anything cutelewd, especially involving her chest, legs, butt or back are fine too.

Hair she already has:i.imgur.com/g2v4r6I.jpg
Hair references:i.imgur.com/zqvtrRy.jpg

Any art of her with my SI is good too.
My SI:files.catbox.moe/3r4r66.png

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Requesting my little cat inside a girl Himari.
In short shorts and something like a camisole, checking the fridge late in the evening or doing other loungy stuff.
Anything else remaining tasteful & sfw-ish is fine but some other ideas are here allthepics.net/album/z9Ip/?sort=date_asc&page=1

Extra refs allthepics.net/album/himari.zI6V

Joint requesting with Natsume - Packing, meeting up with luggage, or otherwise preparing for, or simply enjoying, a summer's day/weekend out or road trip.
- In a classy, gently lit bar (or café), optionally with Himari as bartender.
Moodsetters for both are here imgur.com/a/AdOaF6h?grid

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Requesting my Popu cooking happily in the kitchen with an apron and casual clothes on, her dressed as joker Buro from Muse Dash ( imgur.com/a/WEOsCWV ), her sitting at a table happily looking toward the viewer holding their hand with wedding rings or her sitting on a couch with SI's head in her lap as she's petting his head.
SI if needed: files.catbox.moe/yk1khq.png

Draw whatever SFW cute thing you enjoy though, even past requests or simple poses. Hope you all have a swell weekend.

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Requesting Maka. If you'd like some suggestions:

• POV of her under covers on top of the viewer playfully trying to wake them up. Refs: imgur.com/a/W8Dk5mz
• Wearing a cheongsam/china dress, maybe doing any martial arts moves or serving some steamed buns?
• Anything cute/cutelewd in the bunny lingerie here: i.imgur.com/qfgphjH.png

It's my birthday next Thursday the 30th so also requesting anything birthday related with Maka like:

• Feeding the viewer some delicious birthday cake.
• Offering the viewer a present on a dinner date. Maybe wearing her dress here? i.imgur.com/qwnYFM7.jpg
• Jumping out trying to surprise the viewer like setting off a popper for a surprise birthday party.

Although if these don't interest you, please feel free to draw anything cute/cutelewd or birthday related of her that comes to mind. Much appreciated!

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Requesting Natsume in one of the following:

- drawing a heart on a foggy glass window i.imgur.com/yjQdiSq.jpg
- using a bow to shoot a sniper rifle i.imgur.com/YEOdLIk.jpg
- for something cutelewd, waking up user while wearing nothing i.imgur.com/J6JHZLm.jpg
- Frostleaf's maid outfit with fishnets and ZR imgur.com/a/lNY1IgE
- POV kabedon preferably with user's hands on her mouth i.imgur.com/q7rO7yy.jpg

Anything else is cool as well.

Joint requesting with Himari - prepping up for a summer getaway and roadtrip
- In a classy, gently lit bar (or café), optionally with Himari as bartender
Moodsetters for both are here imgur.com/a/AdOaF6h?grid

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Requesting my cutie wife Tomori Nao!

* Looking embarrassed/flustered
* Saying that she loves me ;_;
* Wearing a hoodie
* files.catbox.moe/w8v42q.jpg this but with smaller breasts (see swimsuit reference)

Or anything else that's cute and not too lewd! Thank you!

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Requesting Watashi dressing more sloppily after staying inside for weeks; catbox.moe/c/zjlv23
Alternatively, her wearing a bath towel coming out of the shower/bath.
Or, for something more lewd, any of these levels with her: twitter.com/i/web/status/1246685426615595008

Anything else cute or lewd is fine too.

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>nano wearing kaomoji underwear
Here you go, user. Sorry it took so long.

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Good morning or afternoon!

I would like to request my beloved Mizunashi Akari telling me she love me, please.
Bonus point if she's shyly blushing!

Please and thank you very much!

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Requesting Yuria in any of the following

- posing casually with her feet out like this (imgur.com/a/i4U36Wd)

- dressed as Kokkoro from Princess Connect (danbooru.donmai.us/posts/3343994)

- a drawing of her posing in a way you can see her cute, submissive feet

- sitting on my lap, face towards mine, giving me a kiss or making me nervous (imgur.com/a/qyrzIKo)

- clinging to my SI and giving him a big hug. SI could be petting her head at the same time or it could be a POV shot.

Anything cute or cutelewd is also fine and appreciated! You can draw her genderbent if you want too!
SI Ref: (i.imgur.com/lxBROmF.png)

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Requesting a re-draw of these panels with Homura and my SI: i.imgur.com/FspuqEW.png
Quarantine and online assignments have been hard, I could some tough love and motivation from my wife. Or, Homura doing other quarantine-activities with me while we're stuck indoors, to help me get through the lockdown.

Or alternatively, Homura opening the door and welcoming me home with her warmest smile: i.imgur.com/gH3HoM8.jpg
Any ideas involving my SI are welcome too: imgur.com/a/ygIBZ

Of course, anything cute or cool is fine! I'd appreciate it a lot, thank you for your time and have a nice weekend!

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Requesting Cyan:

-Cute stuff like trying to cook and doing it poorly, sewing, savoring over sweets/strawberries
-having a sundae
-nude, trying to hide her butt with her tail
-wearing an oversized open hoodie like this one, in one of these poses those panties too if the pose needs some (i.imgur.com/sYMDN6D.jpg)
-wearing an egyptian themed outfit like one of these, bonus points for the eye makeup: catbox.moe/c/04qkg7
-shimapan + butt focus
-womb tattoo files.catbox.moe/gme48l.PNG

Or something else you'd like to draw, cute or lewd is fine. Stay safe and healthy

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Requesting *Hyun-ae handcuffed to a bed while wearing lingerie imgur.com/zoxindt

or Hyun-ae wearing only sweater

or Hyun-ae taking off her hanbok

or Hyun-ae piloting a spaceship

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Requesting Hilda as either of the scenarios in the below list

- A stocking masked shotgun wielding robber.

- A cowgirl with the outfit on the left, and the pose on the right. Coloured in burgundy.

- Seated beside a window on a winter night in a sweater and nude/skin-tone pantyhose with a cup of hot coca. With some cyberpunk style neon lighting.

- Lighting up a cigarette in an office. Seated on a desk with a businessman's corpse in a chair behind her. Her supressor equipped pistol set aside.

- A cabaret singer

- Playing the harmonica

- Staring out beyond a balcony with a cigarette and your favourite cocktail.

- Giving a mint ice cream sundae (I dreamt about this one.)
dropbox.com/s/pz6jrpbz8y1oj7m/Ice Cream.png?dl=0

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Requesting Tsugumi Seishirou (ref : imgur.com/a/kPX2Iwi ), wearing
- her female school uniform,
- her blue dress,
- a maid uniform (ref for what kind i'm looking for : imgur.com/a/ifhklxC ) ,
- this cute outfit danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2602229
- anything cute/cool/wholesome you have in mind (her regular male uniform is fine too). I would also appreciate anything with one of her alternative hairstyles (see ref).

Her expression:
happy/smiling/embarrassed/blushing/smug/feeling a bit tired/etc...whatever you like !
Not such a fan of full nudity, but a bit of lewd is fine.

So..this request may take a while but hear me out : i would like to see her doing the 4 main poses of the torture dance from JoJo Part 5 (here is ref : imgur.com/a/usUY30l ) with a slight preference for pose 2. Note that you can do only one pose if you want, i won't mind if the poses are made by different artists at the end.
Bonus points if you make her wear Fugo's swiss cheese suit imgur.com/sA0jSQ3 , if not, then please go with her regular male uniform

Joint request with Miia with both of them shopping for new clothes.
A suggestion would be Miia advising for girly clothes while Tsugumi would be embarrassed or disagreeing and looking for more "masculine" clothes, maybe what some tomboys would wear ?
Feel free to be inventive.

That would be it. Thanks for reading me as usual and have a nice end of the weekend, and stay safe, viruses be out there

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Requesting Hisui holding a birthday cake.

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Requesting cute Serizawa!

Anything with him in cute comfy clothes/playing with a kitten/ lewd is great! If you have any other ideas, anything is fine.

Feel free to use either version of his design!

I hope everyone is doing well and is healthy this weekend! The month has gone by so fast somehow despite being in quarantinemode.

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Hello, hope you all have a comfy and nice weekend.

Requesting Hananko
-Getting a shoulder massage
-Hiding behind a yes pillow
-Instant_loss, except to headpats instead of lewds
-or just something cute you feel like drawing of her.

Thanks for considering.

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cute boy doing a cute thing?

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Requesting Nozomi doing any of the following:

- Wearing a white sundress and sunhat
- Holding a parasol
- Standing on/sitting at a pier
- Sitting in a boat on a lake

Anything else you might want to draw of her is appreciated as well, of course, as long as it's not overly explicit. Thanks in advance!

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requesting Chie Sasaki
- nun Chie praying
- reading a quantum physics with nerd glasses
- neet Chie with glasses
- anything cool, cute or silly is ok as well

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Requesting Neptune or Purple Heart stargazing.
-In a similar scene/aesthetics/inspiration: twitter.com/sasurainopink/status/1134887969255411712
-Like this twitter.com/nakna3300/status/1249817551724376064 or twitter.com/danidanihatikyu/status/1248824493755092993
-In anything see-through or that leaves nothing to the imagination.
-Naked on bed smiling at me: twitter.com/offton_cover/status/1246431677695447040
-Lewd bridal lingerie: imgur.com/a/f2YqwvM or any sexy lingerie.
-Taking lewd selfies: twitter.com/nigo0145/status/1247890407532331016
-*poke*: twitter.com/areUhentai/status/1245485045315338240

Neptune’s normal form: files.catbox.moe/56mg25.jpg
SI, wings, weapons, outfits, refs: imgur.com/a/GnXDl/

Of course anything cute or lewd is always warmly welcome. Please and thank you so much!

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Requesting Hibiki wearing a silly hat.
Or her playing Rock em Sock em Robots with Yuuna i.imgur.com/L83XuJe.jpg

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Requesting Morgan:

-Dressed in gothic lolita
-As a nurse
-Offering a lap pillow
-Napping on a book after a long study session
-Playing with a cat.

Anything else cute or cutelewd is fine as well.

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Requesting my lovely Lavinia topless, using her hands as a bra or doing the 1 finger selfie challenge
Wearing any of these outfits or skins from Azur Lane
Sharpening her sword
Or sleeping
A catgirl is fine too
Please, thank you, and have a great weekend!

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Adorable, great stuff

Happy WWD everyone!

Requesting my lovely Anna as a chibi chef

That or dressed as Magical Musketeer Calamity


Anything unrelated cute or lewd is fine too.

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Requesting Rika making an evil scheming face.
Her flashing her panties accidentally(on purpose).
Or anything cute, lewd or cool of Furude Rika.

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I'd like for user to draw my wife without seeing her original design, to see their own interpretation of how she would look going just by this excerpt from the novel.
"I found a girl with long, straight black hair decorated with a flashy hair band adorning her perfectly proportioned face as she stared back at the gawking students with unusually large, black, determined eyes adorned with long, fringed eyelashes, her soft pink lips tightly pursed.
I was dazzled by her snow-white skin. A striking beauty stood before me."
Though if the request above isn't convincing, here's some past requests and my usual ref image


Requesting Mimi Tasogare from Duel Masters wearing a sweater dress that shows her thighs, while sticking her tongue out as though she were teasing the viewer.

Just about anything else is fine with me, though! Thanks if you pick this up!

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