JK Haru is a Sex Worker in Another World

Proving that any basic bitch can beat Yas Forumsutists on their home turf. Is there a protagonist that's any more based?

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>Is there a protagonist that's any more based?

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making a girl bleed means youre a bad lover

Pretty realistic portrayal of females
Can rule the world, but instead decides to shop for clothes, chill with friends and fuck boys all day

Isekai garbage

You do realize that it's actually a scathing critique of isekai and people who indulge in them, right?

Still garbage though, and reuses almost every trope.

Damn, when I read the LN the only thing I got out of it was that i'm never reading women's smut again.


I keep seeing this on here, should probably start reading it

No one posts it here.


Anime adaptation when ?

She's a terrible main character and being a slut is the least of her problems.

Spoil me on the LN's ending.

Like in every isekai ever, it turns out she DOES have OP abilities (surprise surprise) and becomes a demon lord’s concubine or some shit.

Haru absorbs the abilities of everyone she has sex with
One of Haru's friends get gangraped to death by army boys, so she fucks them up in more ways than one
She finds out her crush is actually the demon lord
Pic related has the most depressing end in a mundane way. She works her whole life to be useful in an adventure, but her taste in men is shit and her best friend (Haru) goes without her. Fated to be tied with baker boy and do zero adventuring ever.

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amazing what women aspire to

As descriptive as the LN is about her getting dicked, it's no suprise

Is that supposed to be news? Women want fame glory power without ever struggling for it

"The demon lord", more like 'Semen lord'. Haha am i right, guys?

It was written by a femcel, what do you expect.

delete that!
dats muh soggy knees thicc!!

Subtext doesn't mean jack if the text is shit in the first place

The novel series already ended and wasn’t even popular in Japan. So probably never.
Also, there’s sex in like every chapter, so most studios would refuse to adapt it for that reason alone.

>posts edge

I know school is out tanks to covid but you could at least pretend to not be a 13yo

>dumps her body at a pig farm
nothin personnel kid

To be fair, OP set the bar real low. Why does a little edge trigger you anyway? Forget where you are?

>IPs still haven’t changed
How long are you going to keep falseflag replying to yourself, autist?

>this is why no one respects anime and manga as a legitimate art form
>not because it's a hobby you pick up during early puberty thereof categorizing it as "children's media"
>not because western animation is intended for children

oh okay

Not really when your MC indulge in the OP garbage tropes themselves as a STRONGWOMENNEEDNOMAN later on. Nice try roastie.

Do you not know how to sage, retard?

Why would you want to rule the world when you could live life in easy mode?
>the challenge
When youre OP there's no challenge either way

>Be women
>Hate isekai since 99% of them are about men having fun
>Try to write lit that look at isekai with a magnifying glass
>Fall into the same isekai bs she hated
>Indulge in them at the end
Is this the power of Isekai?