I don't get it. How was he able to stop the flames from consuming his entire face?

I don't get it. How was he able to stop the flames from consuming his entire face?

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hes in the fire force?

Uhm idk is kind of like he has regeneration haha? That would be weird because it would imply OP isn't retarded and actually reads about the series he's talking about


How does regeneration stop the fire?


Focusing his regeneration into a single side of his face so it doesn't have a chance to spread.


That doesn't make any sense.

think of it like trying to burn dry fire-wood vs trying to burn a living green branch. Angi focuses his regeneration to that part of himself so it's always wet.

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regeneration can be focused onto a single body part to increase it's healing rate, how does that not make sense?

It doesn't make sense that it would stop the fire. Even if it regenerates it would still burn, just like the rest of his body.

It's because it's kino

Because it look cool

You are right it doesn’t make sense but its done for looks so get over it

He was dying for six or seven years every day burning alive and regenerating next day, practice ?



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Okay if i try to burn you, it will take some time for you to catch fire - now let's say i burn you and but your cells regenerate so fast that they replacer each other before they start catching a flame.
In a sense his whole body is always burning but his face regenerates fast enough so it doesn't flame



I don't get it

Is everyone here too retarded to explain what was revealed in volume 1?

Think of Doma's game ability. It's centered around burning up all of its fuel, so the MC is able to control its placement by adjusting which parts of his body regenerates more.

Regenerating cells eliminate the high temperature burning cells.

They addressed it in the manga at some point. Something about it being the center point of his regeneration or something.

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Because it looks cool. Anyone trying to rationalize it is a pseud.

is this the kino thread