He's just like me

He's just like me.

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oh shit i TOO have no job and anxiety!

I want a 18 year old girl to show up at my doorstep and love me

Wasn't satou designed to have all the negative attributes of shut-ins into one character? Pretty much most people can identify in some way.

>STILL no Mizaki gf
It's not fair...

It was one of my favourites when i was a NEET, i rewatched it after i became a functioning member of society and it's still fucking great and it destroys me.

I am currently a NEET until June

my condolonces

Could be worse.

>tfw he cleaned his act up in his early 20 and I'm pushing 30 and still in the same boat

Will it increase my depression and anxiety if I watch it? 29 years old NEET here

Satou wasn't a hiki for even a 1/4th of the time I've been a hiki. Fucking casual.

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>watched this for the first time at 17
>had dropped out of school
>also shut-in who played hentai games all day
>loved it
now that i've lost my virginity and got a life i'm able to rewatch it with a different eye. I unironically really missed those days, but now I can relive them. god bless corona lockdown

Non-answer, but it's completely based on how you personally interpret it.
I've seen convincing testimonies from both sides on whether or not it's affected them positively.
It is imo a masterpiece that's worth watching either way.

nah it's just relatable and hilarious

I still can’t get Pururin out of my head.

I love Yamazaki-kun

it was my ringtone for a few years

Anyone got Misaki gf yet? Still waiting

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I thought I was the only one

in my dreams user
wish real

The book is way better

wish real girls were like that*

Except that he's 10 years younger than you are.

>he's 10 years younger
this kills any hope honestly

What do you mean by Misaki gf ? I got kinda close but corona cucked me

What was he? 4 years?

7+ here... I don't know where the time went honestly.

I had one for five years, it was bad

It's all a blur and there's no hope, yeah.

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>What was he? 4 years?

I'm rewatching during this thread and luckily found your answer.

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He also tells his senpai he's been a hiki for four years. Doesn't really matter much to the character though.

I disagree with him, it's not hardcore until you've been doing it for 5-6 years

It absolutely will. I watched it yesterday. I can't even fully relate like I used to and I just felt hollow afterwords.

There's hikikomoris going decades. 3 is only hardcore if you have no internet.

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